Exploring Animation Techniques & 3D Integration in Harmony

In this webinar Michael will explore animation techniques and 3D integration in Harmony. He will show us how to work in all animation styles - Traditional, Tradigital, Cut-out, and 3D Integration.


  • Toon Boom Harmony can be used for animation production in multiple styles
  • Powerful tools save production time and free your creativity
  • Animation Techniques to Explore:
    • Traditional Paper
    • Traditional Paperless
    • Cutout and Advanced Cutout
    • 2D/3D Integration allows combining of elements in a true 3D space

Traditional Paper Animation:

  • Harmony’s efficient and time-saving scan, ink, and paint process

Traditional Paperless Animation:

  • Vector and bitmap drawing tools
  • Animation tools with a traditional process feel that save time

Cutout Animation:

  • Sophisticated and time-saving rigging and animation tools
  • Supports multiple styles

2D/3D Integration:

  • Multiple 3D file formats supported
  • True 3D space and 3D camera in multiplane environment
  • Ortho-Lock feature keeps 2D elements facing camera
  • Harmony controlled Maya Batch Render process

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Webinar happened on

November 5th, 2015
at 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM (EST)