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Learn how to use Pose Copier in Harmony 14
— Hosted by Genevieve Demers

The Pose Copier feature in Harmony 14 lets you quickly bring character key poses into your scene from a bank of preset poses. This webinar... Read more

What's New in Harmony 14

Whether you’re producing animation for television, film, games and other content, Harmony 14 has the artist-friendly drawing, painting and... Read more

Learn about Vector Drawing Tools in Storyboard Pro
— Hosted by Marie-Ève Chartrand

Have you ever worked with vector graphics? These types of drawings maintain their quality no matter what size you make them. Unlike bitmap... Read more

Learn How to Create Animatics in Storyboard Pro
— Hosted by Michael Wiesmeier

In this webinar you will learn how to add dynamic movement to story elements with easy-to-use tools such as onion skinning, scene... Read more

Paperless Animation in Harmony 12
— Hosted by Michael Wiesmeier

Discover how to use Harmony’s drawing sublayers to your advantage when creating rough animation. Experiment with Harmony’s bitmap brushes... Read more

Lip-Sync Techniques in Harmony 12
— Hosted by 

Adding a lip-sync to a project can enhance the quality and storytelling to your animation. In this webinar Matisse Verheyden will be going... Read more

Creative Entrepreneurship Webinar with Big Jump Productions Founder Cory Morrison
— Hosted by Cory Morrison

Join Cory Morrison founder of Big Jump Productions as he tells us about his rise through the world of animation. This webinar will offer... Read more

Special Effects and Compositing in Harmony 12

Learn how to use Harmony's simple yet powerful compositing engine to do your effects and compositing, optimizing your workflow by giving... Read more