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Particle Emitters in Toon Boom Harmony Premium
— Hosted by Tracy Strong

A general overview of the basic node types used to create particle systems. Followed by a couple of practical examples of simple weather/... Read more

Creating a Very Simple Cut-Out Rig in Harmony Essentials
— Hosted by Tony Ross

Proper rigging requires the node view and deformers that are only available in Harmony Premium, but did you ever want to try building a... Read more

Lo Nuevo en Harmony 15 (What's New in Harmony 15)
— Hosted by Alejandra Wiechers

¡Lo estabas esperando y ya lo tienes! El primer webinar de Harmony totalmente en español tratará sobre las nuevas características de... Read more

Discover the New Features in Storyboard Pro 6

Do more with Storyboard Pro 6. New video tracks, movie import and enhanced textured vector brushes are just a few of the new features that... Read more

Meet the Master Controllers: Interpolating Character Poses
— Hosted by Marie-Ève Chartrand

Suggested Level of Experience Rigging: Good Scripting: None Join us to learn about using... Read more

Discover the New Features in Harmony 15

Harmony 15 is here! This breakthrough version revolutionizes art creation by combining bitmap and vector technology, Master Controllers and... Read more

Producer Live Demo
— Hosted by Jean-Raymond Lemieux

Join us for a live demo of Toon Boom Producer. Jean-Raymond Lemieux will give you an overview of the software capabilities. You will also... Read more

Discover the New Features in Storyboard Pro 5.5

We've recently released our newest version of Storyboard Pro! Join us for our latest webinar, which will present the newest features in... Read more