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In-depth Look at What's New in Storyboard Pro 5

Storyboard Pro 5 is here! Register for this webinar, hosted by Toon Boom Product Manager Marc-André Bouvier-Pelletier, to see the new look... Read more

Storyboard Pro 5 Sneak Peek

During this webinar, Toon Boom’s Product Manager Marc-André Bouvier-Pelletier will give you a sneak peek into the world of Storyboard Pro 5... Read more

How to Rig a Bitmap Character in Harmony 12
— Hosted by Tony Ross

Host Tony Ross of will show you several tips and tricks on how to work with bitmaps in Toon Boom Harmony. The main focus of... Read more

Deformation Rig and Cutout Rigs: Differences and Uses
— Hosted by Christina Halstead

Demonstrating the difference between a deformation and cutout rig, and briefly demonstrating animation workflow of each with expert... Read more

Storyboard Pro and Harmony working in a unified pipeline
— Hosted by Christina Halstead

This webinar demonstrates how to bring in a project from Storyboard Pro to Harmony. We will also discuss the differences between a cut out... Read more

Storyboarding and animatics for Gaming
— Hosted by Mark Simon

Cinematics in games are mini-movies. Designing shots for game cinematics is as important as it is for feature films. Discover the tricks... Read more

Storyboarding for Live-Action
— Hosted by Mark Simon

Do you draw, or want to draw, storyboards for live-action projects? Mark will share with you the secrets of Storyboard Pro and how it will... Read more

Storyboarding for Animation
— Hosted by Mark Simon

Discover the secrets to improving the speed and quality of your animation storyboards. Read more