Aug 10, 2021

Price Adjustment / Coming September 7th

On September 7th, Toon Boom’s licensed products will be subject to a price adjustment up to 2.5% in comparison to our previous year’s MSRP.

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Apr 27, 2021

Apple M1 Chipset & Toon Boom Software

Apple is in the process of transitioning their line of macOS computers to a new ARM-based hardware architecture. The first Macs powered by the Apple M1 chipset were released on November 17, 2020.

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100 words? Born in NJ graduated and ended up hauling trash after high school, which was a hideous job, so I went to art school to learn animation at the Kubert school. 32 years later, I’ve been fortunate to work on so many hit shows that they all sort of blur together. Favorites include Phineas and Ferb and Scooby Doo. I have done every facet of animation professionally, from writing to directing to producing to animating to design to voices. I’ve made whole films alone, and armed with Storyboard Pro and Harmony I’m going to make more. Whew that was NOT easy!

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Kit, Cat and Kapoodle

“I made this film live in front of an audience on Twitch after a quadruple bypass. It’s the story of two starving alley cats trying to get a leg up on a rich poodle who won’t let his owner feed them.”

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