Build, Track, Manage Your Pipeline

Build, Track, Manage Your Pipeline

Production tracking and asset management software that maximizes efficiency as you move projects through your animation pipeline.

Production Tracking

Production Tracking

  • Clear view of project status
  • Track tasks and include scene review notes
  • Live reports on schedule delays and productivity
  • Show progress in customizable GANTT Charts
Asset Management

Asset Management

  • Make backgrounds, characters, props and other assets available on schedule
  • Identify and use the correct asset with versioning
  • Powerful search tools to locate any asset fast
Review and Approval

Review and Approval

  • Enable communication and reduce
    turnaround times
  • Alert artists when revisions are needed
  • Reduce costly retakes

Production Control

Producer is an out-of-the box solution for animation studios. Set up customize workflows with scenes and tasks all in one place, list episodes and track every shot and asset as it goes through each stage of production.

  • TV


    Create animated content faster
    with production management hub

  • Film


    Oversee production and access
    assets from a centralized server

  • Games


    Create 2D animation and
    game assets efficiently

Producer Features

  • Integrated Workflow

    Integrated Workflow

    Producer is the management hub for studios using Harmony and Storyboard Pro. Harmony animations can be viewed in Producer and you can open Harmony from Producer. Scene breakdowns from Producer transfer right into Harmony.

  • Modify On The Fly

    Modify On The Fly

    One-click access to images and videos lets you review work in progress and make modifications on the fly. Markup tools let you add text or graphic annotations to video down to the frame level for instant meta-data searches.

  • Improved Communication & Project Delivery

    Improved Communication & Project Delivery

    Producer enables studios to track and assign tasks, and estimate time and resources required. Production staff can view upcoming tasks and activities, and production coordinators can check project status, react to bottlenecks and see which artists are producing the most frames of animation.

  • Easy Access To Complex Data

    Easy Access To Complex Data

    Digital assets are associated with specific shots or scenes so when there is a change order that requires a scene revision, you can quickly search for the assets using custom tags and metadata. Find any digital asset using a filtered search or informal keywords.

  • Ready to Use

    Ready to Use

    Producer is easy to set up and flexible enough to adapt to any pipeline easily, providing studios the ability to manage and customize the software without additional assistance or programming. Producer comes with complete support, installation, configuration and remote training.

  • Local Onsite Data Access

    Local Onsite Data Access

    Producer runs on a local server in your studio and your staff access it using standard browsers. This keeps your production data securely behind your firewall and maximizes response time for viewing videos.

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