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Sophisticated animation tools for
every animator
Take a Tour, here

Take a Tour, here

  • Accelerate Your Art

    Accelerate Your Art

    Efficient and creative
    environment for artists gives
    you the ability to create
    your entire project in one tool.

  • Sketch, Draw, and Paint

    Sketch, Draw, and Paint

    Harmony gives you a powerful
    blend of traditional and
    digital tools for creating
    original and expressive art.

  • Animate with ease

    Apply classic principles of
    animation to your projects
    with modern tools that
    speed production.

  • Create Illusion of Depth

    Create Illusion of Depth

    Create multiplane scenes
    that provide Z-depth
    environments with occlusion
    and 3D camera moves.

  • Flexible 2D/3D Integration

    Flexible 2D/3D Integration

    Combine 3D imported models
    with 2D animation for
    unique hybrid productions
    that really stand out.

  • Enhance the Look

    Enhance the Look

    Use special effects to
    easily add detail and
    appeal to your work.
    Now with support for OpenFX!

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Harmony Server

Streamline your production

Harmony for Studios and Large Teams

From the biggest and brightest to small studios with impressive pedigrees and ambitious designs, studios who produce everything from movies to advertisements use the software that makes the animation world turn.

  • 20th Century Fox Television
  • Walt Disney Pictures
  • MGM
  • Nelvana
  • Universal Animation Studios
  • Lucas Film
  • DreamWorks
  • Film Roman

Large-scale production support

  • Access to Talent Access
    to Talent
  • Co-production Co-production
  • Connect to Buyers Connect
    to Buyers
  • Economic Development Economic
Explore Harmony Use for Studios and Large Teams

The Industry's Best Love Harmony

We've assembled a wide range of success stories featuring animators who use Harmony as their go-to creative tool. See for yourself how they're getting the best out of their stories with Toon Boom's Emmy award-winning software.

When you have limited budgets and tight schedules, combining cut-out with traditional animation in Harmony proved to be very efficient and enabled me make the best of both techniques.

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Pat Bradley
Pat Bradley Freelance Professional Animator
and Illustrator

The colouring system is amazing and truly speeds up the process. You can export colour palettes to share with other animators and apply colour in all drawings with one click.

Read the story
Bryce Hallett
Bryce Hallett Creative Business Owner
Frog Feet Productions

I use the Curve deformers religiously. We're able to use our monsters over and over again easily by creating templates in the library—rig once and have them available whenever.

Read the story
Justin Boh
Justin Boh Professional Animator
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