Preparing Students for Marketplace

"Toon Boom Harmony offers the flexibility to see a rough test instantly, allowing us to focus on animation principles" — Andy Friz, Columbus College of Art and Design

Preparing Students for Marketplace

The college's curriculum is amplified by partnerships with Illustration, Fine Arts, Cinematic Arts, Photography and Advertising & Graphic Design industry practitioners. Animation students engage their critical thinking and expand their worldview through liberal arts classes tailored to relate directly to visual arts.

In the CCAD Animation Major, students leverage traditional color and design theory to modern techniques. Students develop a critical appreciation of contemporary and historical animation in both liberal arts and studio classes, while courses stressing a variety of drawing styles bolster observational drawing and an understanding of anatomy. As students apply core animation principals as a vehicle for personal expression, they are also introduced to the production pipeline and the sense of achievement that comes with group accomplishments.

CCAD Animation students are supported towards the production of a portfolio that showcases individual style and professional products. The senior year is focused on fostering projects with external partners and completing an individual or group project.

Andy Friz

Animation Faculty member Andy Friz has brought a wealth of production knowledge and craftsmanship to CCAD since he joined in 2001. Active professionally in the animation industry since 1993, Friz has worked in all areas of production.

Mr. Friz animated the Signal Film for the 2010 Ottawa International Animation Festival that featured a different gag for each of the five days of the festival. Two versions of the Ottawa Signal Film were official selections at the 2011 Citrus Cel Animation Festival and have also been selections in numerous international festivals. Two commercials that feature Mr. Friz's animation, SHRM's Winds of Change and Important Assets won three 2008 Telly Awards. Mr. Friz received the 2005 American Graphic Design Awards Best of Show" for his illustrations in the Fairytale Playset books for Little Tikes.

Marissa Matonis

Toon Boom technology has been a cornerstone medium in Mr. Friz's portfolio and classes; he has been utilizing the software since 1998, when it was known as USAnimation. "Toon Boom Harmony offers the flexibility to see a rough test instantly, allowing us to focus on animation principles," offers Friz. The ability to efficiently control effects and color treatments broadens the student's capability to tell their story. Adds Friz, "We encourage students to make films that are entirely their own. We don't want to have a ‘house style' at CCAD."

In addition to its dedicated faculty, CCAD remains committed to keeping up with current industry practices, hardware, and software. In that regard, Toon Boom plays a key role in the school's curriculum. "CCAD has better equipment than most people will have in their first job!" admits Friz.

Mr. Friz's advice for all animation students "You can study and copy from great animation to learn technique, but observe and sketch from life, so you can draw from experience, making work that is uniquely YOURS and delivering it with the highest quality possible. Toon Boom is a big part of that process."

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Located in Columbus, Ohio, the Columbus College of Art and Design (CCAD) prepares the next generation of creative leaders in Animation. CCAD comprises 14 buildings including two residence facilities and offers Bachelor of Fine Arts & Master of Fine Arts degrees.

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