Creating Award-winning Animation for iPad Apps and Music Videos

"With Harmony, you feel like you have a lot more control and creativity at your fingertips, unlike with Flash which makes you fight to get the software to do want you need." — Greg David, Planet Sunday

Creating Award-winning Animation for iPad Apps and Music Videos

Idyllically located in Pembrokeshire, Wales, Planet Sunday is a very talented and dynamic boutique studio. Greg David along with Goichi Hirata and Janet Davies efficiently produce high-quality animation using the Toon Boom pipeline, namely Toon Boom Storyboard Pro and Harmony.

Their most recent project, RompyRoo The Toy Store Adventure, was shortlisted in the PRESCHOOL (0 to 5) Best Web/App Series category at the Kidscreen iKids Awards 2014. Roo The Toy Store Adventure is the fourth episode of a five-part series created for JumpSport, Inc., the California-based maker of backyard, fitness, and children's trampolines. They`ve also created an iPad app -  their RompyRoo - Where is Mr. Fuzzy? In all the stories, RompyRoo isa friendly kangaroo. The animated mascot encourages kids to learn and exercise while having fun. To use the app, the iPad is attached to the JumpSport iBounce Kids Trampoline. The jumper is RompyRoo's motor and his movement causes RompyRoo to move through the story. 

Rompy Still

Each RompyRoo episode lasts 15 minutes and was created using frame-by-frame animation. Planet Sunday takes care of the entire production process, delivering each episode in about four months. The team receives the script, voices, and music, and starts the pre-production process using Storyboard Pro. "It's very simple to edit the panels and a lot quicker to implement revisions. We also edit the songs within Storyboard Pro to tweak the flow of the animation and export the approved storyboard project straight to Harmony to recover the file structure and timing. We also export the project in PDF for our background artist," explained Greg.

Within Harmony, the team has built an efficient template library to facilitate the reuse of recurring animated sequences. There are two features that truly made a difference for them. "The automated lip sync is a godsend for us. It's so quick to synchronize the animation and apply the appropriate mouth elements on the characters," shared Greg. "The other feature we use extensively is the pegs to easily apply motion on the characters," he added.


Episodes include two to five characters and as much as possible are created based on a twelve-frame cycle to keep the file size manageable. Planet Sunday has garnered an excellent reputation in cartoon music video production with over 30 projects already completed. In addition to the RompyRoo project, the team has started working on a new project for Dream Jam Band, a popular band for family audiences. Having lost their drummer, Nicky Kulund, to Leukemia, Dream Jam has created a beautiful program with 12 new songs for children. The album is a soundtrack of The World of Nickhoo, a place where animal characters learn and teach about friendship, love, curiosity, and hope. The Dream Jam Band members are the voices of the characters. Daylight, the first single release, will be premiered as a music video, animated by Planet Sunday with more to follow.

"The animation all done frame-by-frame is almost finished. In this type of project, we push Harmony to its limits by applying several effects and using textures to make the animation look as natural as possible. We position the line art on a different layer from the colour art so that we can overlay textures and play with the transparency of the artwork. The pencil tool looks very nice as well, especially with all the textures and looks we can apply," commented Greg.

  • Scene Setup
  • Scene Setup

"With Harmony, you feel like you have a lot more control and creativity at your fingertips, unlike with Flash which makes you fight to get the software to do want you need. There is no way we could do our projects without Harmony!" concluded Greg.

Planet Sunday is also involved in education and uses animation to teach kids literacy, math, creativity and life skills, such as teamwork and problem solving. Since 2010, they have trained over a 1,000 young people and introduced them to the wonderful and empowering world of animation.

Planet Sunday is the perfect example of a small business which successfully caters to international customers while touching the lives of thousands if not millions of children via their positive and uplifting animation. Congratulations!

About Planet Sunday

Planet Sunday was founded in April 2006 by Greg David, with the intention of producing high quality cartoon animation for a global audience.

Having worked as a freelance animator for several years, working on hugely successful projects such as ‘You can Start A Business’ for national TV in China (which averaged 40 million viewers per episode), Greg decided it was time to make his childhood dream a reality.

Inspired by classic Hollywood directors like Fred Quimby, Tex Avery, Chuck Jones and Ub Iwerks, Planet Sunday aims to create animation that will keep kids entertained for generations to come.

Our ever-growing client-list is made up of companies, networks and individuals who share our passion for quality entertainment. We make good customer service a priority for all our clients, offering our services at incredibly competitive prices. Contact us for more details.

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