VerJim Animation Studio Cleans Up Using Harmony

"I love the possibilities it gives to paperless animation. The 3D effects, the particles are really helpful for tight schedules, the module library is awesome, and most of all, the line possibilities." — Rafael Vera Jimenez, Animator and Entrepreneur

VerJim Animation Studio Cleans Up Using Harmony

This boutique studio gets all it needs to be successful from Harmony

One of the most rewarding aspects of a career in animation is the ‘surprise factor.’ Like all things in life, although one may have a very clear plan as to how they’d like for their art and career to develop, it sometimes takes just one event to drastically change the course of the next several years. Sometimes that event can define an entire career.

For animator and entrepreneur, Rafael Vera Jimenez, this event happened while he was attending film school in Vancouver when he discovered tools in Harmony that drastically increased the speed and quality of the work that he was doing.

Born in Seville, Spain, Rafael discovered his love for animation at a very young age. A lover of film, cartoons, basketball, dinosaurs, and everything else that piques the curiosity of an imagination in full bloom, Rafael began scribbling, sketching, and drawing on everything he could with any of the time that he had available to him to do so, planting the seed for what would eventually become a career in animation.

Working with his supportive family as his crew, Rafael began creating short films, and from there, the seed sprouted, took root, and began to grow. In 2005 he began his Audiovisual Communication Degree studies, which he later combined with an Associate Degree in Mass Media Production in 2007. Working day and night to realize his dream, Rafael graduated in 2010 and, as a result of his diligence, was rewarded with a Talent Scholarship (Becas Talentia) to study 2D Animation in the Vancouver Film School in Vancouver, Canada.

While there, Rafael was tasked with creating a short film. At the time, he did not yet possess the artistic skills that he needed to get the final line that he wanted for it, so he set about testing some of the possibilities that he knew how to use, but still was not able to get the expected result.

Enter Harmony. It was at a meeting with the aptly named animation teacher Jim Inkster that Rafael was presented with the idea of working in Harmony in order to see if he could benefit from the tool set within the program. With a week to test it, he was able to finish more than double the work that he could have done with a pencil or another software tool – and with a much higher quality of output – leading the school to allow him to finish his short using that technique. You can view a video of his cleanup process in Harmony below.

  • Counting Sheeps
  • Counting Sheeps
  • Counting Sheeps
  • Counting Sheeps

The technique not only allowed Rafael to finish his student project, the completed short enabled him to claim a new scholarship, which allowed him to develop his skills to the extent that, upon returning to his native Spain, he was able to create his own studio. Now, he and his coworkers at VerJim Animation Studio develop productions for businesses from all around the world, creating mostly commercials and educational videos, all done in 2D animation.

The VerJim Animation Studio continues to use Harmony for all of its animation needs because, as Rafael says, “We deal with companies from all around the world [and with Toon Boom] we can offer a complete service to our clients, from storyboarding and pitching a simple idea to the final broadcast product.”

The studio has been able to create some excellent work within stringent deadlines using Harmony, and they continue to explore Harmony’s features. “I love the possibilities it gives to paperless animation,” Rafael says. “The 3D effects, the particles are really helpful for tight schedules, the module library is awesome, and most of all, the line possibilities.”

His favorite feature? “The polyline tool, because it gives the final line of the drawing a quality that really makes all the difference.”

With one simple discovery, Rafael has been able to make his dreams reality. Rafael says it best: “Toon Boom Harmony has made me able to build my own studio. The fact that is has all of the solutions for animation in just one software makes the workflow much easier, and it allows me to work in more projects, so the company is more productive.”

The future is bright for VerJim Animation Studio, and as they explore the possibilities of partnerships with studios to develop TV shows and features, their path towards further success in the animation world is all but guaranteed.

About VerJim Animation Studio

VerJim Animation Studio, based in Sevilla (Spain), has been born as a small 2D Animation service company. They are a young studio that is paving its own way, trying to earn a spot in the international market.

VerJim offers high quality audiovisual solutions to help you achieve your dreams. They specialize on producing high quality work in all things Animation, specially working on commercials, educative presentations and TV series.

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