Aug 10, 2021

Price Adjustment / Coming September 7th

On September 7th, Toon Boom’s licensed products will be subject to a price adjustment up to 2.5% in comparison to our previous year’s MSRP.

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Apr 27, 2021

Apple M1 Chipset & Toon Boom Software

Apple is in the process of transitioning their line of macOS computers to a new ARM-based hardware architecture. The first Macs powered by the Apple M1 chipset were released on November 17, 2020.

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Educational Institutions & Districts

Over the past year the world has drastically changed, forcing educational institutions globally to adapt to a new need for learning from anywhere. Schools that once only considered lab set up to support learning for their art and animation students, now need to find ways to equip students and staff with hardware and software solutions that can be accessed from home. We partner with our educational institutions and districts to help them make this transition easier.

NEW – Toon Boom now offers online buying for educational institutions and school districts.

Why Choose Us?

Why choose Toon Boom software for your schools?

  • Award winning 2D animations are created with Toon Boom’s Harmony and Storyboard Pro; by teaching students our software you are preparing them for the best animation careers in the future
  • Teach the same techniques as used by the major studios
  • Toon Boom software sets the standard for 2D animation tools and best practices
  • We offer group or individual teacher training and free online learning through the learn portal
  • Software certification is available for both students and professionals
  • Advanced services and support through our professional services team means we can help in the creation of unique curriculum, best practices in animation, rigging, onsite and remote training
  • Special pricing is offered to institutions and districts to help you gain access to the best tools at a very competitive price.

Online purchase process

We have worked to make the online buying process as quick and easy as possible.

  1. 1
    Validate your Educational Institution/School District today! Try our validation tool
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    Buy online! Discover our products
  3. 3
    Distribute to your school(s), teachers and students!
  4. 4
    Access ongoing support & free online resources

Once your educational institution / school district is validated you can simply add the products & support to your basket and proceed to checkout. Your licenses will be automatically emailed to the purchaser.


Products for institutions & districts available through online ordering

Toon Boom offers its award winning software to schools and districts to ensure the next generation of animators hit the ground running when they are hired at the studios.

Educational institutions and districts can purchase Harmony (Essentials, Advanced or Premium) or Storyboard Pro annual licenses online. Other term license options are available offline. If you prefer purchasing term licenses other than annuals, please contact us.

There are three license types you can choose from for each online product currently available:

Individual licenses

Licenses that are provided as separate license keys per user. Ex. 25 license keys would be sent, with one dedicated license per user.


Multi-seat licenses

Provided as a single license key with multiple seats/users. Individual user access needs to be activated and deactivated to move the license key from one machine to another.


Floating licenses

One License Key Installed and activated “only in a license Server”. Many client machines can connect to this license server and work. If the floating license gets returned, it becomes invalid, there is a need to generate a new one. Need to change your license server or return a floating license? Please contact licensor@toonboom.com in advance so it can be scheduled.

Our products

Toon Boom Harmony

Harmony 20, the industry’s leading 2D animation software, brings the latest in digital drawing sensitivity to its brushes — every marking, every style, every texture you want to create and leave for the audience is felt. Rulers, guides, colour control & features as well as innovative deformers enrich your animation, bringing reality and fantasy within millimeters of each other.

Harmony is available in three versions:

  • Essentials
  • Advanced
  • Premium

Toon Boom Storyboard Pro

Storyboard Pro 20 is an all-in-one storyboard solution that combines drawing, scripting, camera controls, animatic creation capabilities and sound. Seamlessly integrating with Harmony, Storyboard Pro is the way to get your content off the ground quickly and easily.


Toon Boom institutional licenses, purchased online, come with silver support.
You can choose to upgrade to gold support at purchase

What support is right for my school(s)?

Silver support

Silver support offers assistance for installation and configuration, multi-lingual support (English, French, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese), free online resources (forums, tutorial videos, documentation), release updates and critical fixes and access to support through both phone and email.

Gold support

Gold support differentiates itself through: response time within 24 hours, scripting guidance, potential of participation in beta programs, unlimited support tickets, access to multiple contacts within your organisation, access to previous software versions, and access to pre-official release fixes.


Home Use Offer

For high schools, colleges & universities to facilitate learning, homework and projects.

Choose to purchase institutional licenses and Toon Boom will provide an equal number of FREE home-use student licenses to facilitate learning and projects. Hands-on practice makes the leap from education to studio shorter; our school:home use licenses offer helps close the gap and prepares new professionals for the workforce.

Learn, Practice, Certify

Associate Certification

Toon Boom’s Associate Certification is designed to set the industry standard and ensure a solid foundation in storyboarding and animation with Storyboard Pro and Harmony.

Our Associate Certification can be attained by completing an online test accessible anywhere you have internet access.

Curriculum Development

Using our vast network of pedagogical experts, the Toon Boom team will provide personalized consulting services to provide recommendations and create curriculum for schools (highschool, college, university) to help differentiate their unique programs.

For Schools, Staff and Student

Toon Boom FREE ressources

Learn Portal

Choose the online learning path that best suits you and start watching online learning videos designed and developed by our professional animators.

Learn Toon Boom Softwares

Demos, feature videos, interviews, tips & tricks and more. Check out all the video content Toon Boom has to offer.

See Our YouTube Channel

Every week you can tune in live with industry professionals teaching best practices, having fun and being interviewed on trending topics.

Join us on Twitch

Animators helping animators. Login to discord to join the conversation. Have a question, chat with community experts who have the experience to support your animation skills development.

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Social Channels

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Weekly articles or interest, interviews on topics trending in the industry as well as projects and animators working with Toon Boom software today!

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Animation From Every Angle is a forward-facing project from Toon Boom, with the goal of interviewing creators who widen the scope of animation. We seek to go in-depth on productions that boldly reach new audiences, broaden horizons and use storytelling to shine a light on underrepresented experiences.

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