Bluffton Elementary uses Flip Boom

Bluffton, South Carolina - April 27, 2012

Elementary School SC USA It was a really exciting day for the students and staff of Bluffton Elementary in South Carolina as the cameras arrived to interview staff and students for Larry King In View educational programing show. The school principal, Christine Brown and animation teacher, Celia Stokes the rest of the staff and students all really got on board with the event. And we have lots of photographs to show what happened.

Bluffton Elementary has been using Toon Boom Flip Boom animation software and accompanying curriculum for three years. During that time it has been incorporated in to all areas of education including math, reading and social studies.

Students using Toon Boom's Flip Boom animation software in the Animation Lab at Bluffton Elementary School in South Carolina.
Students using Flip Boom animation software in the Animation Lab at Bluffton Elementary School

Christine Brown, Bluffton Elementary School Principal said that since they started using the program, they’ve seen test scores go up. She when to on to say, “It’s great to be able to get animation out to other locations, schools, and even other countries at this point to let them know how successful it can be and that you can motivate and energize students.”

Also at the school for the interview was Joan Vogelesang, President and CEO of Toon Boom Animation who said, ”We came here today because Bluffton is absolutely the leading edge as it relates to incorporating technology within the core curriculum,” and continued, “This tends to be an area of great interest to us as we are designing and developing technology specifically for cross curriculum use within schools.”

l-r Celia Stokes, Animation Teacher; Joan Vogelesang, President, CEO Toon Boom Animation; Christine Brown, Principal Bluffton Elementary

The Larry King In View show will have interviews given by Celia Stokes, Joan Vogelesang and Christine Brown

Student Ashby C, prepares for his interview on the Larry King - In View program

as well as Bluffton Elementary student Ashby C.

The feature on Bluffton Elementary’s animation program will be aired on a number of channels including The Discovery Channel and The Learning Channel.

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