Bone Up On Your Animation with Toon Boom Studio 6

Montreal, Canada - August 19, 2010

Emmy® Award-winning Toon Boom Animation Inc. today announced the upcoming release of Toon Boom Studio 6, a new version that brings animation learning and creation to a new level thanks to the Bone Rigging System. With its new bone rigging animation capabilities, Studio 6 makes all animation techniques accessible to students and hobbyists, offering them the most creative and rewarding experience.

With its solid pack of pedagogical teaching tools, including cross-curriculum materials, Studio 6 is excellent for teachers and educational institutions who aim to teach their students 21st century skills and prepare them to thrive in a digital world.

"Studio 6 is the perfect launch pad to learn, teach and create animation as well as communicate content, considering its ease-of-use and comprehensive animation capabilities" , shared Joan Vogelesang, President and Chief Executive Officer at Toon Boom.


What's new in Studio 6?


Toon Boom Studio 6 is the ultimate version for aspiring animators and hobbyists. Studio 6 now offers leading edge features to create bone animation:

  • Convenient Skeleton Effect Layer in the timeline
  • Useful Bone Level for segmenting and animating the character
  • Easy setting of rotation, length and position of the bones
  • Practical manipulation of the bones in the timeline
  • Fast transformation of vector shapes
  • Impressive transformation of pixmap textures
  • More accurate region of influence to move objects
  • Smart reuse of Bone templates on several characters
  • Real-time preview of Bone Effect
  • Full QuickTime export of Bone Effect
  • Useful SWF export of Bone effect (Vector shapes only)
  • Several software improvements and bug fixes

Pricing and Availability


Buy Toon Boom Studio 6 now at the special pre-launch price of $299.99 US, instead of $329.99, valid until September 1, 2010. The first 100 customers who place an order for a new Studio 6 license will receive Flip Boom Classic 4 as a bonus, a value of $49.99 US. Upgrades from version 4.5 and 5 to version 6 can be purchased at $79.99 US, instead of $99.99 US. As of August 19, 2010, all new clients will receive a Toon Boom Studio 5 product code. Their Studio 6 product code will be automatically registered and emailed to them upon product release, enabling them to download the software. All new clients will see their Studio 6 purchase listed on the "my products" page once the transaction is completed. All orders requiring shipping will be processed upon product release.

Information about Toon Boom Studio 6 is now available online at