The Difference Between Cut-out and Bone Animation

Montreal, Canada - July 11, 2012

A question was recently asked by one of our Toon Boom Studio users, “What is the difference between Cut-out and Bone animation?”  This short series explains those differences.
The most prominent differences between these two styles of animation are:

  • The way a character is rigged
  • The flow of movement in the animation
  • The length of time it takes to animate

This video deals with the way a character is rigged.

Character Rigging
In Cut-out animation a character is rigged by cutting and separating the character into layers for each body part.
If you watch the video below you will learn how to rig an arm using separate layers.

In Bone animation, the bones can be drawn directly on the character. There is no need to cut up the character into separate parts.

So we hope that this explains at least some of the differences between Cut-out and Bone animation.

For further detail on how to animate using bones, read the Toon Boom Studio – Bones animation tutorial

Coming soon… Flow of Movement

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