Draw the Line with Harmony Get a Sneak Peek at MIPTV 2011

Montreal, Canada - April 04, 2011

Toon Boom Animation Inc. today announced the new Harmony solution which will be demonstrated during MIPTV 2011, at the Toon Boom booth C1.05. With this most advanced Harmony solution, Toon Boom is calling on all studios to get on board.

Draw the Line Between Flash and a True Animation Pipeline

Building upon its solid foundation in traditional animation, Harmony skyrockets your animation styles to untapped creative ground, offering mind-blowing digital capabilities to creators. The ability to share assets, colour palettes, and to perform rendering through Harmony's networked pipeline smooths out the workflow and helps groups to work together, whether they are individuals sitting side by side or studios working together across the world. By adopting Harmony, studios join a vibrant community in which Toon Boom acts as the glue to connect and facilitate introductions.

Draw the Line Between The Past and Now

Harmony delivers capabilities that simply did not exist before. Starting with True Pencil, the ability to draw with pencil lines supporting textures, then on to Deform, the ability to deform images and drawings over a period of time using advanced bone and curve deformers, Effects Inside, the ability to access built-in particle effects and dozens of other effects, and finally, 2D-3D Integration, the ability to import and modify 3D assets within Harmony as well as transform elements on all 3 axes. As the main animation production backbone, Harmony offers full artistic freedom with ease of use and total control.

Draw the Bottom Line

Harmony has become an industry standard technology not only through our technological innovation, but also our dedication to the success of our clients. By devoting time and energy to training, consulting services, and support, we can aid the artist as well as the studio to become more efficient, and help to launch you on a growth path. Harmony's pipeline environment can be scaled to reflect your needs and production volume. In addition, Toon Boom offers flexible options to make Harmony available to studios of any size; you can choose to lease, to work on a per-project basis, or to purchase outright.

"Studios and animators will be very impressed, especially the Flash studios who will see in this latest version, an opportunity to jump the fence and join the Toon Boom community," said Joan Vogelesang, President and Chief Executive Officer of Toon Boom Animation.

For additional information, please contact sales@toonboom.com.