Flip Boom Cartoon for iPad and Boom Time Get Parents’ Choice Award

Montreal, Canada - February 27, 2014

The world renowned consumer product guide Parents' Choice Foundation has awarded Silver Honor to Flip Boom Cartoon for iPad; Toon Boom's fun and easy app for creating cartoons. We also got the award for Boom Time newsstand app the wonderful interactive children's educational magazine which you can get for free on iTunes every month. BOOM Time and Flip Boom Cartoon work together so by using FBCiPad you can complete projects provided in the Boom Time magazine and share the finished fun with your friends through social media.

Read the announcement on the Parents' Choice Foundation website. 

The Flip Boom Cartoon for iPad app is a hit with families, children and anyone who wants to create cartoon on their iPad.

Boom Time! newsstand app  lets you discover a world of fun with the fun-loving Renny character. He’s your guide to exciting adventures ahead. So whether you’re exploring the jungle, relaxing at the robot retreat or plunging underwater—you get to be part of the fun!