Japanese version of Harmony and Storyboard Pro Have been Released

Montreal, Canada - November 26, 2014

Toon Boom Animation Inc. in collaboration with HeARTBIT Digital Creation announced today that Harmony and Storyboard Pro are fully translated and available in Japanese. Located in Sapporo, Japan, HeARTBIT is managing this product release and is the official Toon Boom Animation distributor in this territory. Both Harmony and Storyboard Pro are adapted for the Japanese market; the respective software is completely translated into Japanese and now available for purchase in Japan through the HeARTBIT website.

“It is a great honour to bring our relationship with Toon Boom to the next level. Making the technology available in our native language will bring its reach to a new local community already excited about Toon Boom technology. It will facilitate its use and propel 2D animation to new heights. To commemorate the launch of the Japanese version of Harmony and Storyboard Pro, we are offering special pricing through January 31, 2015,” stated Mr. Hitoshi Kumagai, CEO of HeARTBIT Digital Creation.

Accompanying this product launch is a new Japanese website: jp.toonboom.com. This website was designed by HeartBit in collaboration with Toon Boom Animation, providing interested customers with product details, pricing information, and technical support information.

About Harmony 11

Harmony 11 efficiently turns out animation projects in any style: frame-by-frame, paperless, traditional hand-drawn, cut-out, mixed media, and 2D-3D integration. It delivers new leading-edge capabilities related to bitmap drawing and advanced warped drawings, as well as significant timeline, workflow and user interface enhancements.

Harmony is the ideal solution for creating films, TV series, games, webisodes, explainer videos, medical or legal animations, or any other type of animated content. Harmony is delivered with a series of new videos tips and tutorials.

About Storyboard Pro 4

After receiving a 2012 Primetime Emmy® Engineering Award, Storyboard Pro has leaped forward with a fourth version that efficiently and elegantly caters to live action, gaming, and animation studios alike. Storyboard Pro is essential to the beginning of any audiovisual project. This storyboarding solution helps take an idea or message and bring it to life in a structured and professional manner.

Storyboard Pro 4 offers the ability to draw directly in the software using bitmap drawing tools in addition to its time-proven vector tools. Storyboard Pro 4 enables users to draw with different styles and textures for full artistic freedom.

For more information, contact info@toonboom.com.

Media Contact:
Desideria Mastriaco
Marketing and Communications
Toon Boom Animation Inc.
+1 514 490 6497

About HeARTBIT Digital Creation

HeARTBIT Inc. was founded in Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan in 2001 by Hitoshi Kumagai (present CEO). Until now, they have created as many as 200 titles of mobile contents in Japan. In this growing mobile content market, which is closely related to the Anime industry, their products account for a large number of the animation productions in Japan. They have been granted approval by the copyright holders of major Japanese Anime and Manga publishers.

In recent years, they have been designing and developing more varieties of digital content, including Android/iOS apps, SNS games, 3DCG, and more, along with the rapidly changing digital content industry requirements.