Tip Of The Week - Swapping Deform Rigs

Montreal, Canada - June 29, 2012

Toon Boom Tip of the Week In the latest installment of our Tip of the Week series of Animation tutorials our resident expert and Professional Product Manager, Lilly Vogelesang, will explain the way the deform rig can be swapped out to stick your character’s feet to the ground in Animate, Animate Pro and Harmony.

This Tip of the Week is in two parts, each of which run for approx 10 minutes.

In Part 1, Lilly begins by introducing the topic of Swapping the deform rig out. She than continues to give a simple example showing rigging, peg layers and hierarchy; this is followed by an explanation of offset modules and sticking your character’s feet to the ground; Lilly continues by explaining the deform hierachy and showing an example. A mention is also given to using curve-style deformers and staying on-model.

In Part 2 , Lilly continues by showing how to create deform rigging in the process she talks about rigging the leg with a Top down -rig, a bottom -up rig and a Curve-style rig. How to create kinematic output is also explained and how to duplicate a drawing to create an new rig. Finally, swapping a rig out is shown and the video concludes with a summary of what you have learned.

So get comfortable, watch the video and learn how to experience a better way to more efficient and satisfying animation, with our Tip of the Week.

Part 1

Part 2

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