Toon Boom Discuss Future of Digital Animation in Japan

Tokyo, Japan - March 20, 2015

OLM partners with Toon Boom Animation at TAAF to discuss the future of digital workflow in Animation.


Toon Boom Animation is in Tokyo to join industry leaders in a discussion about how the evolution of digital animation technology may play out in Japan. As home to more 300 animation production companies, Japan's anime industry is arguably the world capital of animation creation. Now, as digital technology has become more powerful, its role in an industry that is still heavily based on hand- drawn production is coming to the forefront.

Francisco Del Cueto, Chief Technical Officer at Toon Boom, is participating in a collaborative roundtable discussion with other industry leaders about the “The Future of Digital Workflow in Japan”. This event is co-hosted by the Tokyo Anime Awards Festival 2015, Toon Boom Animation and CG World. It is being held at the Wired Café News Nihonbashi on Saturday, March 21.

Digital technology is not new in Japan, as many production companies have embraced it in different parts of their production pipelines. Most recently, OLM, producers of Pokémon and Yokai Watch have begun adoption of the Toon Boom Harmony software. “We are looking forward to collaborating with Toon Boom and fully integrating their technology into our workflow and productions,” stated Hiroyuki Kato, Producer at OLM, one of the biggest animation and children’s programming production companies in Japan. OLM will be part of the TAAF roundtable panel discussing the future of the digital workflow in Japan.

“We look forward to discussing the unique opportunities and challenges that digital technology represents for the Japanese market," says Toon Boom’s Francisco Del Cueto. "We are strong believers that the future of the digital workflow will only continue to strengthen Japan's animation industry. It is our philosophy to support every style of animation production with an efficient workflow. We continue to unite the methodologies and mindsets of traditional animation with digital techniques,” adds Del Cueto.

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About Toon Boom Animation Inc.
Toon Boom Animation Inc. (, a Corus Entertainment Inc. company and Primetime Emmy® Engineering Award recipient, is the worldwide leader in digital content and animation creation software. Toon Boom provides an innovative suite of applications and services to a community of animation studios, gaming studios, educational institutions, individual professionals, and many other markets.

About OLM
OLM Group is the Tokyo based animation studio creating animated feature films, TV animation shows, as well as computer graphics (CG) and special effects in films. Their most notable projects include the Pokémon series with a feature length movie titled Pokémon the Movie XY 2015 slated for release in July 2015, as well as the hugely popular multimedia franchise YO-KAI WATCH that will enter new markets in 2016.

About the Tokyo Anime Award Festival (TAAF) 2015
TAAF 2015 is a full-scale international animation film festival held in Tokyo, Japan. The TAAF screens animated films from around the world.

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