Toon Boom Launches Manager for Production Tracking

Montreal, Canada - August 07, 2012

Emmy® Award-winning Toon Boom Animation Inc. ( the market leader in animation technology, announced today the release of Toon Boom Manager, a new easy-to-use production tracking tool that runs on your iPad, tablet, laptop, or computer; in fact anywhere you can access a browser.

Manager is a production tracking system designed for 2D animation. Providing entirely configurable pipelines, it handles both 3D and stop-motion animation, as well as hybrid productions. It combines everything required for monitoring daily activities, including production pace and the specific progress of each scene, from work distribution to final approval.

“Our production teams depend on Toon Boom Manager as their exclusive production tracking tool. It’s developed for production, fits any pipeline model, and is easy to set up and use.” Clint Eland, President & Executive Producer, Mercury Filmworks Ltd.

The strength of Manager lies in its simplicity. Since every collaborator on a project can use Manager, even those with little or no training, the feedback is always in real time and accurate. Accounts are password protected and the roles and privileges of users vary according to production, allowing you to maintain control over who sees what and who does what.

Accessibility is another key to Manager's power. Installed once on a server, it can instantly be accessed from any machine with a browser, both in the studio and for offsite employees (and clients, if you so wish).

Toon Boom Manager can also be integrated with the Toon Boom Harmony Solution to control the server, directly access your scene assets, and preview video dailies all from a common web interface.

"When you combine Manager with Storyboard Pro and Harmony, the production is much smoother."

Célia Catunda, Creative Director and Founding Partner, TV Pinguim

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