Toon Boom Manager – Web-based Production Tracking

Montreal, Canada - July 24, 2012

Now there is a new easy-to use production tracking tool which runs on your iPad, tablet, laptop or computer, in fact anywhere you can access a browser.

Keep track of all those assets, daily activities and production pace.

Toon Boom Manager on an iPad Toon Boom Manager is web-based, which means you don’t have to have any special software to run it.

It works with any production scenario and will also, if you are using Toon Boom Storyboard Pro or Toon Boom Harmony allow you to import projects.

Highly-customizable, can be used on its own to track any linear production process, such as 3D animation, stop motion, or a hybrid production.

Track in real-time. Entire project team has instant access anywhere in the world.

Toon Boom Manager - Get the BIG Picture!

Toon Boom Manager is the perfect production tracking system for the entertainment industry. It combines everything required for monitoring daily activities, production pace and the state of asset completion.

“Our production teams depend on Toon Boom Manager as their exclusive production tracking tool. It’s developed for production, fits any pipeline model, and is easy to setup and use.”
Clint Eland, President & Executive Producer, Mercury Filmworks Ltd.

Built on a robust and production proven technology, Toon Boom Manager accounts are secure and password protected with customisable roles and privileges to restrict access to, or modification of, production information. Easily access the Toon Boom Manager portal through any regular web browser on your intranet or use the Internet for offsite employees and clients.

Toon Boom Manager is completely integrated with the Toon Boom Harmony Solution to control Toon Boom Server, directly access your scene assets and preview video dailies all from a common web interface.

No matter whether you use Toon Boom products or not Toon Boom Manager will make your production and your teams life easier.