Toon Boom Storyboard Pro Gets Royal Treatment in the UK

Montreal - July 01, 2013

Two-time Emmy® award recipient, Toon Boom Animation Inc. announced today that Toon Boom® Storyboard Pro™ has been selected as the tool of choice for Creative Skillset's four-week Advanced Storyboarding for Animation training, running from July 1 to 26. The course tutor, travelling from the U.S. to lead the courses, is celebrated industry veteran Frank Gladstone who, in his long career as a storyboard artist, producer, director and educator, has worked for major companies including Disney, DreamWorks, and Aardman Animations.

Using Storyboard Pro, the course is designed to increase and sharpen storytelling and storyboarding skills with intense practical workshops and critiques, culminating with each of the 15 participants completing a sequence animatic. It will train experienced storyboarders in the skills needed to run and supervise fast-paced shows targeted at 8–12 year olds.

A great example to illustrate Storyboard Pro's wide adoption in the global animation industry and, in the UK in particular, lies with Platinum Films' Matt Hatter Chronicles, a high-stakes adventure comedy series aimed at 5–10 year olds. Completely boarded using StoryboardiPro, this HD CGI series has been picked up by 80 countries worldwide and will be dubbed in 18 languages by the end of 2013. "<1>Matt Hatter Chronicles was intensely boarded in a limited time frame and Storyboard Pro helped facilitate the speed of turnaround required. I'd certainly recommend other producers to invest in Storyboard Pro. Any system that enhances the efficiency and speed of the production workflow and dove-tails with widely used programs, such as Final Draft and Final Cut, can only be a benefit to a production, whatever the scale," stated Nigel Stone, CEO at Platinum Films.

Toon Boom will be attending The Children's Media Conference in Sheffield, UK from July 3 to 5, and will offer an exclusive program to allow local content creators to develop and deliver a completed production using the most advanced and cost-effective pipeline solution. Joan Vogelesang, President and CEO at Toon Boom, will be a guest speaker on the School Edutainment – In a class of its own? panel, showcasing Toon Boom's impressive achievements in schools where animation in education has proven highly successful.

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