Tron:Uprising – mixes Harmony and CG

Montreal, Canada - April 16, 2012

Following the success of the two Tron movies Disney has created the epic series Tron:Uprising

Tron Composite poster

As you will see from the trailer Tron: Uprising is one kick-ass animation. Made with a mixture of 2D animation, courtesy of Toon Boom Animation’s Harmony software, and CG graphics the series is set in the computer world between the events taking place in Tron and Tron Legacy. In this series, a program called Beck (voiced by Elijah Wood) starts an uprising in the fight against Clu and his second in command, General Tesler (Lance Henriksen).

The preview shows the incredible stylistic challenges and ground-breaking animation which Disney has produced to create this sure-to-be-cult series.

Tron: Uprising is slated for release in June 2012 on the Disney XD channel.

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