Vivement Lundi ! Studio Chooses Toon Boom Harmony

Montreal, Canada - September 20, 2014

Welcome to Bric and Brac, a New 2D Animation Series to Air on the Canal + Family Channel in Early 2015

Studio Vivement Two-time Emmy® Award recipient, Toon Boom Animation Inc. announced today that the production studio Vivement Lundi !, founded by Jean-François Le Corre and based in Rennes, France, has chosen Toon Boom Harmony to create the animation and compositing of the Welcome to Bric and Brac series, whose production has just begun.

Since its founding in 1998, Vivement Lundi ! has produced over 90 documentaries, animations and shorts. The company's animation productions have garnered more than 200 national and international awards and selections in prestigious industry events—namely FIFA Annecy, Sundance Film Festival, Semaine de la critique, OIAF Ottawa and SICAF Seoul.


Summer Camp for that Urban Cat


Welcome to Bric and Brac is a 7-minute, 39-episode 2D animation series produced by Amandine Gallerand and Matthieu Chevallier. The series follows the arrival of a little cat in the city, Mino, and its stay in a summer camp far away from technology. The director is an old goat with tons of rules and the outdoor activities are bothering the young feline who would much prefer to do nothing but sunbathe. Oriented for a pre-school public, Welcome to Bric and Brac is currently being made in co-production with Gaumont Television Animation for Canal + to be broadcast on the Canal + Family and Piwi + channels.


From Storyboard to Harmony


While producing another 2D series, Pok & Mok, co-produced by Gaumont, Vivement Lundi ! became familiar with Toon Boom software. "We learned about Toon Boom Harmony during the series' preparation stage and the tool interested us," says Mathieu Courtois, director of the Rennes studio. "However, since the animation was done in another studio, we did not go further in the collaboration. Although, we immediately adopted Toon Boom Storyboard Pro for the storyboard and animatic phases and we now use it for all our animation projects."

For Welcome to Bric and Brac, Courtois chose to approach Toon Boom to determine the best animation tool for the series. "The latest version of Toon Boom Harmony responded pretty well to what we were looking for. In addition, we had very good contact with the team. They met our demands for incorporating additional functions that could help us increase productivity, like adding texture deformers on character rigs."


Canopéa, The Training Partner


Vivement Lundi ! requested additional training to complement the knowledge amassed on the production of Pok & Mok. "Instead of a general type of training, we found it more useful to bring them up to date with the new features and then focus on case studies that were relevant to their specific production," said Matthieu Sarazin, cofounder and manager at Canopéa. "The animators already knew what the previous versions of Harmony could do. The team of animators, the lead animator and the lead character builder spent two weeks looking into the software capabilities and exchanging on how best to proceed for this specific project."

When choosing software, Courtois explains, "It is critical to know that you will have the opportunity to be properly trained. In this case, Canopéa and Toon Boom provided us with a Harmony pro who was also a lead animator on similar productions in Canada. This is the kind of custom service that made our decision easy."


Fast Start for Welcome to Bric and Brac


Studio Vivement The animation for Welcome to Bric and Brac began on the first of September on Toon Boom Harmony with a team of about 40 animators at Snipple Animation in the Philippines. "This is an expert Harmony studio and the training we received allows us to have an excellent cooperation between the overseas and the local team," explains Courtois at Vivement Lundi !

The production, including compositing which is also done in Harmony, will last for almost eight months. The productivity estimate is 20 seconds of finished animation per animator per week. This takes into account that there are many characters, plus the animation is quite rich and fluid.

Selecting Toon Boom Harmony has been positive on many levels," concludes Courtois. "This is one of the most complete solutions on the market; it handles the whole production all the way to finished compositing. As well, Toon Boom listens to the needs of the production and they are quite responsive."


About Canopéa-Formation


Canopéa-Formation (, a training centre based in France, develops and customizes training sessions for freelancers and full-time employees working in the audiovisual and animation industry. Canopéa works closely with all stakeholders, be it studio owners, directors, producers or professionals, enabling them to deepen their ties with the industry and meeting the needs of artists and technicians.


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