Winner in the Comics Happen! contest

Montreal, Canada - June 19, 2012

Now here is some good cheery news!  We have a winner in our Garfield’s Comic Boom Comics Happen! contest.  Toon Boom recently held a comic cartoon contest along with the good folks at Garfield and after reviewing all of the submissions from our entrants we chose a winner.

To make sure that the entrants would be fans of that cat, the contest was only posted on the Garfield Facebook page.  The task at hand was straightforward, using Toon Boom’s Garfield’s Comic Boom cartoon software they had to make a short comic, create an animated set of panels and submit it for approval and entry. The prizes were really nice, every day one lucky person would receive a license for Garfield’s Comic Boom and the grand prize was an iPad. At the end of the contest all of the submissions which were approved were viewed and the most awesome was chosen as winner of the Grand Prize.

The lucky winner of the contest who will receive the Grand Prize is Denise Zajkowski for her comic A Beautiful Day!

Denise Zajkowski wins the Grand Prize for her animation A Beautiful Day!

Congratulations to Denise from everyone at Toon Boom Animation!

So here is Denise’s winning comic, A Beautiful Day



I took time out to ask Denise some questions about the contest and how she came up with the winning comic. Here is what she had to say.

Toon Boom Guy. How did you hear about the contest, did you see it on the Garfield Facebook page or did someone tell you about it?
Denise Z. ”I noticed an ad for the contest while looking at the Garfield comic strip one day. I check this website everyday to see the Garfield comic for that day.”

T.B.G. Do you have any formal training in drawing or cartooning?
D.Z. ”I do not have any formal training in drawing or cartooning.”

T.B.G. Have you ever used any animation or cartoon software before?
D.Z. ”I have never used any animation or cartoon software before.”

T.B.G. Did you find it easy to use the Garfield’s Comic Boom software?
D.Z. ”After exploring it for a little bit, I did find it very easy to use.”

T.B.G. Did you think that there was any way which Garfield’s Comic Boom could be improved?
D.Z. ”I think your team did a very good job with the program and can’t think of anything that could be improved.”

T.B.G. Did you have fun?
D.Z.  “I did have fun using the program. It allows me to explore my creative side and make comic strips, which I’ve never done up until now.”

T.B.G. Where did you get the inspiration for the A Beautiful Day comic?
D.Z. ”I knew I wanted to use characters from the software and I decided to go with animals since it works for Jim Davis with Garfield. I chose the dog character because it reminded me of my dog Jamie and how she can be a source of humor for me. I ended up picking the fish because it just looked pretty funny to begin with and made the joke.”

T.B.G. Did you have several ideas before you finally chose to go with A Beautiful Day?
D.Z. ”Surprisingly, A Beautiful Day was my first idea. I was going to use another character before I decided on the fish, but though the fish fit the joke the best.”

Finally, I asked Denise if she had any other comments to make about the contest or using Toon Boom products? Denise replied, “I like how your software allows someone to easily explore their creative side and thought that this contest was a great way to introduce customers to the new product in a fun way and give them some motivation to try your demo version. ”

So there you have it, a well deserved win. Congratulations to everyone who participated in the contest. Be sure to check back as we will have other contests and some great prizes too!