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Your creativity is the only limit

New projects get green-lit when you can truly tell your story. Triggering a feeling, an excitement, conveying the dream to your audience. The more creative freedom and artistic power you can harness, the better the results of your storyboard. Welcome to Storyboard Pro 7!

Storyboard Pro 7 is an all-in-one storyboard solution that combines drawing, scripting, camera controls, animatic creation capabilities and sound. Seamlessly integrating with Harmony, Storyboard Pro is the way to get your content off the ground quickly and easily.


Time Efficiency

  • Reduced time on process, import, export and switching allows for more time to go into your story

  • Combined drawing, video, images, animation, scripts and sound

  • Ability for collaboration (split project and merge back into master)

  • Output to Harmony or industry standard movie and other file formats

Cost Savings

  • Ability to work in one environment (end-to-end)


  • Award winning software, winner of Primetime Emmy

  • Used by major studios, artists, freelancers and students worldwide


Storyboard Pro has
revolutionized the way
we create story.

Sean Jefferey Producer/Assistant Director at Nelvana

As content creators,
we rely on storyboard
software to bring our ideas
to life. There is nothing
like Storyboard Pro
on the market.

Erick Tran CEO CHAVVO Animation Studios

Storyboard Pro +
Cintiq = Happy Director.
Happier Producer.

Peter Viska Creative Director Viskatoons Animation

NEW Features

Students, freelancers, artists and studios from around the globe are choosing Storyboard Pro to convey their messages for the latest content for TV, big screen movies, commercials, gaming, and more.

Industry-leading, improved stylus responsiveness

Digital has never felt (or looked) so traditional

  • New stabilizer for lines that are smoother than ever

  • Customizable stylus pressure responsiveness

  • Tilt and angle responsiveness

Stay on-point with new rulers and guides

Drawing accuracy made simple / Don't be square

  • Drawing ruler

  • 4 point vertical pan and continuous perspectives

  • Fisheye (5 point perspective)

  • Isometric perspective guide

  • Camera and stage alignment guides

It's all about teamwork / Collaboration is the name of the game

It's all about teamwork / Collaboration is the name of the game

  • Link projects to facilitate merge operation

  • Improved merge and replace (editor-artist pipeline)

It's all about teamwork / Collaboration is the name of the game

Advanced control, sound editing

  • Set gain on audio clips

  • Synch audio and video tracks with panels

  • Drop audio files from an external file browser to the library or timeline

Advanced editing & efficiency

  • Import/export preferences & shortcuts

  • Export movie files (h264 compression without Quicktime)

  • Insert empty space between panels and scenes

  • Copy a layer from a panel to a video track

  • Multiple camera views

Standard Features

  • Story Flow

    Story Flow

    Go from script to storyboard in one seamless framework that allows you to visually organize the story as it unfolds - with precise timing. Reorder panels, shots and scenes by clicking and dragging. Add comments, record audio notes and make changes on the fly.

  • Drawing & Sketching Tools

    Drawing & Sketching Tools

    Draw in any style using bitmap and vector drawing tools with access to multiple brushes and textures. Rotating canvas provides a better drawing experience. Onion skinning gives context of previous and next panels. Use text tool for titling.

  • Built-in Camera

    Built-in Camera

    Create movement with the built-in 3D camera with thru-the-lens view. Set start and end positions across panels to add camera moves that pan, zoom and roll in 2D or 3D space. Easily see camera safe areas (4:3 and widescreen).

  • Add 3D

    Add 3D

    Import 3D models from FBX, Alembic, Collada, OBJ, 3DS. Mix 2D and 3D in a 3D space where assets interact the way you expect. Position layers and 3D models anywhere you want. Animate layers and add movement with a 3D camera.

  • Animatics


    Time your panels. Add motion per layer and create impressive camera moves across panels. Add unlimited soundtracks, cut sound, reposition, and edit volume keyframes. Create real-time transitions. All with smooth playback.

  • Pipeline Integration

    Pipeline Integration

    Import scripts from Final Draft and standard image, vector and audio formats. Export layered panels to Photoshop, storyboards to PDF, still images and movies. Export animatics or send to Avid, Premiere and Final Cut Pro via AAF, EDL and XML. Export projects to Harmony for 2D animation production or FBX for 3D. Support for Flix.

  • Collaborate


    Pitch your story to a group using Pitch Mode. Collaborate on a team by splitting your project for different team members, and merging the changes back into a master project.

  • Natural to Use

    Natural to Use

    Get productive right away. The artist-friendly tools and intuitive layout immediately make sense and invite you to begin drawing. Brushes and other drawing tools are highly responsive and never slow your creativity down.

  • High Quality Visuals

    High Quality Visuals

    Make memorable pitches. Your storyboards look super crisp with built-in support for Retina and other high pixel density displays. Playback speed is super smooth so the focus is always on your good work.

For Storytellers Like You

Whatever your role, Storyboard Pro lets you communicate the story
effectively so that others on your team instantly understand.

  • Storyboard Artist

    Storyboard Artist

    Built in drawing and animation tools give you total flexibility for drawing, revising and reordering your scenes. With no need to switch programs, animated or live boards can be done better and faster.

  • Creative Director & Motion Graphic Designer

    Creative Director & Motion Graphic Designer

    Visualize, organize and pitch your creative brief. Add in reference art, camera angles and block out basic animation to get early feedback from team members and clients.

  • Game Designer

    Game Designer

    Plan out your cinematics with the attention to story detail that will really showcase your games. Communicate the look and feel of individual game characters, props and levels to your game artists and developers.

  • Producer


    Storyboard Pro is the ultimate pitch tool, presenting your projects in a compelling visual way that resonates with investors and other collaborators. Share storyboards digitally for quick comment, revision and approval.

  • Director


    Communicate your vision to the team without having to draw complex boards. Sketch out ideas, add location photography, or use built-in templates of characters and props to get everyone on board early.

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