Commonly Asked Questions

How to Upgrade

After purchasing an upgrade, you will receive an Upgrade Code in your User Account online. In order to use your Upgrade Code, please install the new version on the same computer as the old version. Open the License Wizard:

Start > Programs > Toon Boom Animation > Toon Boom [Product] > License Tools > LicenseWizard

Mac OSX:
/Applications/Toon Boom [Product]/Tools/LicenseWizard

  1. Click Activate License
    How to Upgrade
  2. Click Internet Activation
    How to Upgrade
  3. Click Upgrade License
    How to Upgrade
  4. Enter the code from your User Account
    How to Upgrade
    Example of User Account code
    How to Upgrade

After upgrading your license you will have a permanent license code in your User Account if you need to deactivate and reactivate the software. If you have any questions feel free to communicate with our support departement.

How do I deactivate a license?

Deactivate License is an action done to return a license to Toon Boom Animation in order to grant the product code a new activation on another machine. Once the license returned, the product will not run anymore on the computer until you reactivate it.

Deactivation is only available if you have a working Internet connection on your computer. You cannot perform deactivation by email. If you need to return a license by email, please contact licensor@toonboom.com.

If you don't know how to deactivate a license, watch this tutorial.

Can I use a Toon Boom product on multiple computers at the same time?

You can install Toon Boom software on more than one machine, however it can only be activated on one machine at a time. If you need to run our Professional products on a different computer, you must first deactivate the license on the current computer, then reactivate the license on the new computer.

How do I transfer a Toon Boom software to another computer?

If you want to transfer your software to another computer, you must:

  1. Return the license and uninstall the software if it is going to be a permanent move. If you don't know how to return your license, watch this tutorial.
  2. Install the Toon Boom software on another computer. You can do this in one of two ways. If you still have the original installer (.exe or .dmg file), transfer it (such as via a USB key) and run it on the new computer.
    Log on to your account on the Toon Boom Animation website (using the username and password that you created when you purchased the software). Once logged in, navigate to the My Products page where you can download another installer of your purchased software. You should do this on the new computer and not on the computer on which where the software was installed.
  3. On the new computer, start the software, and follow the onscreen instructions to activate the license.

NOTE: To transfer your software from one computer to another, you will need an internet connection for license activation, as well as to be able to download the software installer.

How do I start the Activation Wizard?

The Toon Boom Activation Wizard is the application used to activate, install, and manage the license for the product you purchased. The Activation Wizard will guide you through the activation process and act as a bridge between you and the Toon Boom License Server using the product code. The Activation Wizard will automatically run the first time you start the Toon Boom product and every subsequent time until you activate the product. You may need to access it later once the activation is complete (e.g. deactivating the product to install it on another computer). In that case, depending on your operating system this is where you can start the Activation Wizard (select the operating system below).

  • For Windows (depending on the product):
    Start > Programs or All Programs > Toon Boom Animation > Toon Boom > License Tools > LicenseWizard
    Start > Programs or All Programs > Toon Boom Animation > Toon Boom > LicenseWizard
  • For Mac OS X
    Applications > Toon Boom > Tools > LicenseWizard

Is product activation related to product registration?

License activation is mandatory to prevent unauthorized use of the product and is required to run the software on your computer, whereas license registration is optional.

Registration is recommended so you can access product downloads, product licenses, patches, and learning material, as well as execute online upgrades. It’s also a good way to keep an online record of the products you’ve purchased and a good place to store all the peripheral information concerning those products.

NOTE: If you purchased your software through the Toon Boon Animation website, then your software has automatically been registered under your account.

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