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Join our community of Toon Boom Authorized Training Centres offering animation professionals training on Harmony and Storyboard Pro.

Authorized Training Centre

Key Benefits

  • Reduced Price on Desktop Subscription Licenses
  • Free Upgrade Training and Certification Renewal
  • Access to Toon Boom Training Outline and Assets
  • Toon Boom Promotion of your Training Center


  • Employ Toon Boom Certified Trainers with Animation Experience
  • Use Toon Boom Approved Training Curriculum
  • Teach using the latest version of Toon Boom software
  • Professional Training Facility

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Benefits of becoming a Toon Boom Authorized Centre:

  • Elevated profile in the Toon Boom animation community
  • Discount price on Desktop Subscription Licenses with Silver support
  • Free upgrade training for Instructors
  • Access to Toon Boom Training outline
  • Permission to use the Toon Boom ATC logo and Toon Boom trademarks in advertising materials
  • Drive traffic to your company web site from Toon Boom