Toon Boom Animation in Education

Toon Boom Animation in Education

Preparing Students for Successful Careers

For over 20 years, Toon Boom software has been leading the way. It’s the industry standard for creating award winning animation. If you can imagine it, our tools will help you make it.

If you're a student aspiring to be an animator, an educator or an administrator ensuring your institution remains competitive, Toon Boom software is key to achieving your animation education goals.

School: Home Use Licenses Offer

For high schools, colleges & universities to facilitate learning, homework and projects.

Choose to purchase academic licenses for your institution and Toon Boom will provide an equal number of FREE home-use student licenses to facilitate learning and projects. Hands-on practice makes the leap from education to studio shorter; our school: home use licenses offer helps close the gap and prepares new professionals for the workforce.

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Do you want to create stunning animation just like our world famous customers? Let's get started.

“I would highly recommend this to any 2D or 3D artist or to animation teachers in need of excellent animating software that grabs and keeps the students' attention.”

Angel Rivera
3rd year Animation, Gaming and 3D Modeling
Certified on Toon Boom Harmony

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As an educator, you mentor and inspire students every day. We can help.

“With a 100% pass rate, my students not only can show colleges or employers proof of their talents but have confidence in their skills learned.”

Jennifer Curls
Teacher at North Fort Myers High School Center for Arts and Media

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Institutions & Districts

Get Toon Boom software into your curriculum and provide your students with a solid foundation for the future.

“The Toon Boom package has everything in it. Plus, our students are primarily going to work in Toon Boom studios like Mercury Filmworks doing Disney or Jam Filled Entertainment doing Netflix.”

Neil Hunter
Coordinator, Professor at Algonquin College

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