Nov 05, 2021

macOS Monterey & Toon Boom Harmony

macOS Monterey & Toon Boom Harmony
Toon Boom Animation recommends that Harmony users delay updating to macOS Monterey (12.0.1)

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Apr 27, 2021

Apple M1 Chipset & Toon Boom Software

Apple is in the process of transitioning their line of macOS computers to a new ARM-based hardware architecture. The first Macs powered by the Apple M1 chipset were released on November 17, 2020.

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Center of excellence program

The Toon Boom COE program encourages post-secondary institutions to offer a superior learning environment for students aspiring to a career in animation or storyboarding through comprehensive exposure to Toon Boom software. The COE designation is a public recognition that attests that a school’s animation program meets a high standard of depth, breadth and quality. This qualification provides graduating students an advantage by being in high demand for world recognised studio careers that value a deep knowledge of Toon Boom 2D animation software.

Why choose us?

Why choose to become a COE?

Toon Boom software is in high demand by the largest animation studios worldwide. The industry’s top studios, who are producing the most creative 2D animations – both series and feature films, are bringing their animations to life using Toon Boom technologies (100% of 2020 Emmy Nominations in the category of Outstanding Animated Program were developed using Toon Boom software)

  • Your school looks to create the future leaders of the animation market
  • You and your staff are dedicated to setting up your students for success and ensuring career placement after graduation
  • You know that meshing the innovative products with the latest best practices creates new animators and storyboard artists that are in high demand

Want to Become a Centre of Excellence?


  • Students enrolled in animation studies at your school will receive a free Annual Desktop subscription of Harmony Premium and Storyboard Pro software
  • Annual online training by Toon Boom instructors and product specialists (12 hours per year) / One training per quarter
  • Recognition and promotion on Toon Boom’s global community via the website
  • Access to professionally developed training assets


  • Offer a specific degree or diploma in animation, story- boarding or a related field such as video game development (multi-year college or university program)
  • Be using recent versions of Harmony Advanced or Harmony Premium and Storyboard Pro in their curriculum during their application and renewal, and be in good financial standing with Toon Boom
  • Each Instructor(s)/teacher(s) must attend (purchase) at least one of Toon Boom’s online courses pertinent to their discipline, per year
  • Courses offered in animation and storyboarding must incorporate Toon Boom software and these courses should be available continuously throughout the academic year
  • Schools must purchase a minimum of 50 academic licenses of a combination of Harmony and Storyboard Pro (School:Home Use Licenses offer may apply for these quan- tities) as well as ensure annual Gold Support is maintained
  • Send curricula to Toon Boom within a reasonable timeframe (max. 3 months following acceptance)
  • School Incorporate the Toon Boom COE logo and link to toonbooom.com on the school website

Eligible schools can receive

  • Access to video recordings of interviews from professional animators, demos, new features, twitch recorded feeds, and more accessible through Toon Boom youtube channel, learn portal and more
  • Potential to be interviewed on Twitch by Toon Boom’s content team (upon discretion, COE coverage varies per year)
  • Toon Boom COE logo for use in school’s marketing materials and website
  • Access to Toon Boom pertinent content for use in teaching materials (format transfer rights reserved to Toon Boom)
  • Course outlines for various animation subjects
  • All students of COE schools can gain access to the Student to Professional licenses offer – 50% off commercial pricing for 1st year after graduation; purchase applicable on annual desktop subscriptions only, applicable products: Storyboard Pro and Harmony (limited to one license of each)
  • Option to host a virtual town hall for students, parents and staff – speakers include Toon Boom business professional(s), guest speaker(s) (1 town hall per year max and based upon prior approval and organization)
  • Promotion of Toon Boom COE status to international studios for graduate recruitment (1 email per year, multiple COEs may be present on a single international communication – TBD)

Recognized COE Schools


Escuela de Animación Universidad Mayor

Santo Domingo 711, Santiago, Región Metropolitana, Chile
The Digital Animation career at Universidad Mayor has an academic program oriented toward the development of artistic short animations and animation projects in commercial formats, alongside with the provision of advanced knowledge on the principles and fundamentals of character animation and visual development, as well as technical mastering of industry-specific software. Consequently, students gain theoretical comprehension and acquire practical experience, which enables them to graduate with a solid vision of the types of projects and services demanded by the industry, domestic and abroad. Our former students have obtained numerous recognitions for their graduation projects, such as the highest award in the “New Series for Cartoon Network Contest ” (on two different occasions), nominated in “Ventana Sur”, grants from “Corfo Audiovisual” (Corfo is Chile’s national development corporation), and from the former National Council on Cultures and Arts -CNCA, today Ministry of Culture.

Escuela de Comunicación DuocUC

Av. Eliodoro Yáñez 1595, Piso 11, Santiago, Chile
The digital animation program of Duoc UC was founded in 2010, with the objective of training highly competent artists, able to perform artistic and technical processes in an animated production, 10 years later, we’ve maintained our commitment to innovation, offering a newly reworked curriculum which takes into account the very dynamic requirements of today’s industry, including the ability to be proficient in mix techniques pipelines. Duoc UC incorporates a groundbreaking Collaborative Challenge-Based Learning Method, which pushes the students to develop their skills and learning in an integrated manner, and become autonomous lifelong learners. We believe all students have diverse strengths and voices and it’s our responsibility to nourish them into successful members of the animation industry.

UDLA Universidad de Las Americas

Av. Manuel Montt 948
Región Metropolitana
UDLA’s digital animation program was born in 2005. The curriculum is focused on the development of the Latin American animation industry, training animators to meet industry standards in any stage of an animation production. Teachers have experience, are professionally active and their work has been awarded internationally.

Instituto Profesional Santo Tomás

Vicuña Mackenna 4860, Macul, Región Metropolitana, Chili
The Digital and Multimedia Animation program at Santo Tomás Professional Institute, at the San Joaquín Campus in Chile teaches both Harmony & Storyboard Pro. There, students will learn the basic principles of animation and different techniques used in the industry.

United States of America (USA)

Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design

1600 Pierce Street, Denver, CO 80214
The Animation Department at Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design places a strong emphasis on developing creative, visual storytelling skills in our students, whether expressed through hand- drawn animation, computer animation, experimental and stop-motion animation, or a combination of these. Our curriculum is designed to balance the aesthetic and technical aspects of visual communication with the realities of the professional production environment.

Graduates of RMCAD’s Animation Department are ready to become independent artists, animators, and producers, and are well prepared to imagine and create the complex and ever-changing future of animation.

Minneapolis College of Art and Design

2501 Stevens Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55404
The Minneapolis College of Art and Design offers a range of degree programs for students that utilize a variety of teaching techniques and programs to give students the experience and knowledge they need to succeed in their passions post-graduation. MCAD offers industry standard equipment, Animation, Film and Lighting studios and educational opportunities to give learners the opportunity to experiment with and develop their artistic processes while working alongside professionals in the industry and faculty equipped with a variety of tools and support to provide a well-rounded education.

Animation students at MCAD gain experience in a wide range of roles, including storyboarding, character development, background animation and more. Our courses prepare creators to develop their skills and articulate their ideas in new ways and strive to keep students informed, interested and knowledgeable about an exciting and expanding field.

Kutztown University

15200 Kutztown Rd.
Kutztown, PA 19530
United States
Kutztown University’s Applied Digital Arts Program prepares students for careers as digital artists, where concentrations are offered in 2D/3D Animation, Concept Art/Storyboarding, 3D Modeling, and Game Design. Students work closely with award-winning faculty who apply their expertise as professional artists, animators, and scholars to the classroom. Internships, visiting speakers, film screenings, and on-campus galleries provide further engagement with art, while grants and scholarships support additional study and opportunities. Stunning virtual realities, complex game designs, engaging animations, and captivating visual storytelling—the work of digital artists enriches our modern lives. If you love creating with computers, a career in the digital arts offers nearly limitless possibilities in this expansive and fast-growing field.

School of Visual Arts

209 East 23 Street,
New York, NY 10010-3994
With a faculty of distinguished working professionals, dynamic curriculum and an emphasis on critical thinking, the School of Visual Arts is a catalyst for innovation and social responsibility. Our faculty includes some of the best artists in the industry, including directors, fine artists, photographers, special-effects artists, writers, character designers, advertising specialists and power users. They bring their knowledge and experience in multiple disciplines straight from the studio into the classroom where students not only learn innovative drawing techniques, methods of storytelling and storyboarding, but also professional software.

Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD)

SCAD Admission Department
P.O. Box 2072
Savannah, GA
31402-2072 USA
The Savannah College of Art and Design prepares talented students for professional careers, emphasizing learning through individual attention in a positively oriented university environment. Offering more degree programs and specializations than any other art and design university, SCAD is uniquely qualified to prepare students for professional, creative careers.

2-D. 3-D. Stop-motion. Digital modeling. Rigging. Lighting. Look development. As an animation student, you can master it all and benefit from the opportunity to collaborate with, and take electives in, other majors such as visual effects, motion media, interactive design and game development, sound design, film and television, and sequential art. The result? You graduate as a dynamic, multifaceted animator, extremely marketable and ready to take the industry by storm.

Forsyth Technical Community College

2100 Silas Creek Parkway
Winston-Salem, NC 27103
Forsyth Technical Community College, offers college transfer and two-year degree programs, corporate training, continuing education, personal enrichment classes and much more. Students take courses in computer hardware and software, computer animation, the creation and manipulation of digital images, and nonlinear editing. Using industry standard hardware and software, they will become proficient at generating and manipulating images, as well as creating digital special effects.

Columbus College of Art & Design

60 Cleveland Ave.
Columbus, OH 43215
Students go to CCAD with a burning imagination. With classes in 2D, 3D and experimental animation, as well as game art, motion graphics, digital modeling, lighting and more, CCAD provides the tools and techniques to set that fire ablaze. In the Animation degree program, students have access to industry-standard facilities and expert guidance from creative faculty.

Columbia College Chicago

600 South Michigan Avenue
Chicago, IL 60605
Columbia College Chicago is a private, nonprofit college. It offers a distinctive curriculum that blends creative and media arts, liberal arts, and business for 8,000 students in more than 100 undergraduate and graduate degree programs. Students who major in Computer Animation gain technical skills in advanced computer-generated filmmaking and take electives in areas such as motion capture, character modeling, and animation performance.

Chapman University

One University Drive
Orange, CA 92866
Chapman University is a mid-sized private university with an undergraduate and graduate enrollment of 8,305 students. The B.F.A. in Digital Arts – Animation and Visual Effects provides the opportunity to pursue studies in 2D animation, 3D animation or visual effects. With a curriculum designed according to industry standards, students will develop core artistic skills and technical expertise. This hands-on program also enables each student to work with cutting-edge technology to realize their artistic vision.

Academy of Arts University

79 New Montgomery St.
San Francisco, CA 94105
Academy of Art University prepares aspiring professionals in the fields of design, communication and the arts by delivering excellent undergraduate and graduate degrees, and certificate and portfolio development programs. The School of Animation & Visual Effects BFA program provides the skills necessary to master today’s digital technology. Students choose a primary area of emphasis between visual effects, 3D modeling, 3D animation, 2D animation, stop motion, and storyboarding.

Trinidad and Tobago

The University of Trinidad & Tobago (UTT)

Esperanza Road, Brechin Castle
Point Lisas
Trinidad and Tobago
The Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Digital Media Arts programme has been developed for students with a passion for Animation, Music Technology or Game Art. It is a hands-on, industry-oriented programme, supported by a curriculum, which is geared toward the international industry, values the national and regional cultural context and has a strong practical emphasis. This programme will provide a pathway to new opportunities and encourage students to acquire critical skills locally.

The students of the BFA in Digital Media Arts will be equipped to independently generate ideas, design, execute, produce, and complete the delivery of complex media projects for local and global mass media, utilizing industry standard practices and procedures.


Universidad de Artes Digitales

Calle Andrés Terán 1106, Chapultepec Country, 44620 Guadalajara, Jal., Mexico
The Universidad de Artes Digitales (UAD) is a university in Mexico leading in Digital Animation since 2007, counting with expert educators in several disciplines that are capable of training students for national and international industries. Approximately 70% of their alumni are positioned within the animation field and, because of their extensive knowledge in 2D and 3D strengthened by the development of two animated short films, they are able to satisfy specific demands from the industry.

SAE Institute Mexico

José Vasconcelos #184 Col. Condesa,
México, CDMX, C.P.06140
SAE Institute is one of the world’s leading educators in creative media industries. Established in 1976, the SAE Institute now spans the globe with more than 50 campuses in 26 countries.


Victoria College of Art

1625 Bank Street,
Victoria, BC V8R 4V5
Victoria College of Art’s mission is to foster a learning environment that enables creative people to discover satisfying art careers of benefit to them and society at large. VCA has been a creative incubator for more than 6,000 artists over its nearly forty-five-year history and, to this day, continues to train and inspire artists to participate in the region’s booming digital arts and entertainment economy.


70 The Pond Road
Toronto, Ontario
Seneca offers more than an education. With campuses throughout the Greater Toronto Area, Seneca’s size and diversity give students the advantage of partnerships with industry leaders, the latest in hands-on computer technology, a variety of class sizes, and full-time, part-time and continuing education options.

Cégep du Vieux Montréal

255, rue Ontario Est
Montréal (Québec)
H2X 1X6
Cégep du Vieux Montréal’s film animation department launched in 1999 and Toon Boom has been with the Cégep since the inception of its cartoon program. Graduates have used Toon Boom Harmony in the production of innumerable short films that have been recognized in the industry and have led to professional success.

Cambrian College

1400 Barrydowne Road
Sudbury, Ontario, Canada
P3A 3V8
Cambrian College’s program is based on Sheridan’s renowned Animation program curriculum. Students gain a working knowledge of traditional, 2D and 3D animation, and become proficient with the 12 principles of animation. They also develop strong and dynamic storytelling, drawing, and animation skills that are brought to life on screen through a series of projects and final film.

Algonquin College

1385 Woodroffe Avenue
Ottawa, Ontario K2G 1V8
The Algonquin College School of Media and Design offers a performance-based environment that fosters independent decision-making, self-expression and teamwork. With an emphasis on acting and body mechanics, the Animation program focuses on graduating students ready to meet the high standards required to gain employment in the industry.

Sheridan College

7899 McLaughlin Road
Brampton, Ontario L6Y 5H9
Since 1967, Sheridan has been moving undergraduate education ahead—way ahead. With our Creative Campus approach and deep program offerings, we offer students an amazing learning experience and the opportunity to acquire the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in both traditional and computer animation. Developed to meet the specific demands of studios in need of highly-trained animators, the curriculum focuses on balancing creative and technical skills for an industry-ready portfolio. This is accomplished through the artistic application of the theories of motion, timing, storytelling, design and the latest digital technology required to work successfully in the competitive world of 2D and 3D animation.


INTI International College Subang

No. 3, Jalan SS15/8,
47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan,
INTI International College Subang is home to the INTI Center of Art and Design (ICAD) which offers a full array of art and design programs along with the specialized facilities. Other than the physical facilities, ICAD emphasizes on regular curriculum revamping, where feedback from different stakeholders is collected to create the most robust and industry relevant curriculum. Staff professional development is an on-going faculty initiative to develop staff knowledge, skills and abilities in inspiring students through teaching. Through these initiatives, staff and students are exposed to practical and interdisciplinary experience maintaining a competitive edge.

Akademi Seni Budaya Dan Warisan Kebangsaan (ASWARA)

464, Jalan Tun Ismail,
50480, Kuala Lumpur,
ASWARA is the only institution in the field of high teaching art solely by the Royal Malaysian supported under the Ministry of Culture and ramble; it provides learning, inquiry and academic publishing and solemn professional advice in the field of arts culture and heritage. ASWARA aims to produce knowledgeable employees and authoritative arts to strengthen the sustainability of the art heritage of the country and meet the charging state of the art industry.

ASWARA are responsible for producing graduates who are able to become a scholar, advocate, foster, perpetrators and practitioners of art, culture and heritage at the course of diploma, degree and highest honors in the fields of theater, dance, writing, animation, music, film and television as well as arts and cultural management.

Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation (APU)

Jalan Teknologi 5, Taman Teknologi Malaysia, 57000 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
The Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation (APU) is amongst Malaysia’s Premier Private Universities, and is where a unique fusion of technology, innovation and creativity works effectively towards preparing graduates for significant roles in business and society globally. APU has earned an enviable reputation as an award-winning University through its achievements in winning a host of prestigious awards at national and international levels, as well as an excellent track record in producing highly employable graduates who are able to immediately contribute to industry upon graduation.

With an international student community of more than 12,000 students from more than 130 countries studying in the Malaysian campus, APU offers a truly cosmopolitan learning environment which prepares students well for the global challenges which lie ahead.


University of Amikom Yogyakarta

Jl. Ring Road Utara, Ngringin, Condongcatur, Kec. Depok, Kabupaten Sleman, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta 55281, Indonesia
University of Amikom Yogyakarta concentrates on innovative technologies. The academy produces graduates who are very popular in the labor market. The academy also runs several commercial enterprises: television channels, radio channels, cartoon production, software design, internet services, advertising, computer systems, consultancy and mobile networks. These commercial setups also provide valuable ground for student internships. The academy claims to produce ‘graduates with global qualities, productive, entrepreneurial, professionals, especially in knowledge based on computer and informatics’.

With the development of technology, the University of Amikom Yogyakarta is also developing learning in the fields of 2D animation and 3D animation. Amikom University Yogyakarta has also produced animated films, one of his works is the Battle of Surabaya (November 10’th). This film became Indonesia’s first 2D animated film that aired on the big screen. Furthermore, Amikom will continue to develop its animation production by providing animation material in its study program and involving students in the production of animated films. Amikom also aspires to make Indonesia become one of the central points of animation production in Southeast Asia.


Griffith University

472 Stanley Street
South Brisbane Qld 4101
Doing an animation degree at the Griffith Film School provides the skills to stand out in this ultra-competitive global industry. Ranked in the top 10 globally for two years in a row, our degree covers every aspect of animated filmmaking and prepares our students for careers as a professional animator.

Develop a unique vision as an artist and animator, studying concept development, storyboarding, 2D, 3D and stop-motion character animation, motion capture, editing, graphic processes, sound recording, visual effects, post-production, marketing and distribution. Using top of the line hardware and premium industry-recognised software to produce original animated projects, from concept to delivery.

The University of Technology – Sydney (UTS)

15 Broadway,
Ultimo NSW 2007,
One of Australia’s leading universities of technology, UTS is a dynamic and innovative university in central Sydney with a leading reputation for engagement with industry. The Bachelor of Design in Animation gives students who have a passion for visual arts, drawing and storytelling, the knowledge and experience required to create animation that stands out in a global industry. With a focus on character, narrative and performance, students learn 2D and 3D animation skills, and develop their ideas through multiple stages to bring their stories to life.



7434, Yakal Street
Barangay San Antonio,
Makati City
Information and Communications Technology Academy, better known as iAcademy is a private, non-sectarian educational institution in the Philippines. The school offers specialized programs in Computing, Business, and Design, which are geared towards preparing students for a highly competitive professional world.

New Zealand

Southern Institue of Technology

Freepost SIT2LRN,
133 Tay Street, Invercargill
New Zealand
SIT is a government accredited tertiary provider of NZQA programmes at certificate, diploma, bachelor degree, postgraduate and masters level, with campuses in Invercargill, Queenstown, Christchurch, Gore and Auckland. SIT’s film & animation students get access to top-of-the-line cameras and computers equipped with the best industry standard software while receiving expert advice and guidance in a productive, creative environment.


Whistling Woods International

Film City Complex, Aarey Colony, Goregaon, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400065, India
Whistling Woods International school encourages and trains students to combine their creative storytelling skills with the technical know-how of motion graphics. While pursuing this intensive 4 year course, students get hands-on experience of working on the latest Toon Boom software.

South Africa

The Animation School

42 Searle Street, Woodstock, Cape Town, South Africa, 7925

Block 6, 110 Conrad, 110 Conrad Drive, Craighall Park, Randburg, Johannesburg, South Africa, 2196
The Animation School is South Africa’s leading provider of higher education in the field of animation as we consistently produce award-winning graduates who are employed by top companies locally and abroad. Our dynamic team are committed to promoting student success by offering a high quality, vocationally orientated learning experience that integrates technology and innovative teaching, learning and assessment practices.


Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem

Martin Buber St 1, Jerusalem
Established in 1906 by artist Boris Schatz as the “Bezalel School of Arts and Crafts”, Bezalel has evolved into one of the world’s most prestigious art schools. The Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design is, first and foremost, a group of talented, inspired and motivated artists and professionals. Both faculty and students are driven by a passion to create and by their dedication to quality and excellence. Bezalel trains and prepares its students for a life of achievement and excellence.


U-tad Centro Universitario de Tecnología y Arte Digital

Calle Playa de Liencres, 2 bis
Parque Europa Empresarial
Edificio Madrid
28290 Las Rozas, Madrid
A high-performance centre that combines its founders’ international experience with a close-knit community of students and teachers, U-TAD fosters innovation and teaches artistic, technical and narrative skills using the best digital tools. Learn from leading professionals to animate, design, model and much more while working on the creation, production and development of animation projects. Use the same tools as animation studios to develop expertise in a exciting, dynamic sector that is experiencing an increase in demand for professionals.


Calle del Moscatelar, 10
28043 Madrid
With a focus on artistic and technical skills, ESNE offers an optimal learning environment for comprehensive training in Film and Animation. The faculty is made up of professional teachers and academics of international standing who focus their efforts on teaching the latest animation trends and techniques. ESNE students will master the animation through a course curriculum which combines classical and digital 2D animation techniques with 3D film animation.


AKV St. Joost School for fine Art and Design

Parallelweg 21
5223 AL ‘s-Hertogenbosch
Academy of Art and Design St. Joost is a Dutch academy of art and design based in Breda and ‘s-Hertogenbosch. The program Illustration Animation program offers an artistic and conceptual development combined with digital technology, drawing skills and traditional techniques.


IED Istituto Europeo di Design

Via Pompeo Leoni, 3
20141 Milano MI
For more than fifty years, the Istituto Europeo di Design has been operating in the fields of education and research in the disciplines of design, animation, fashion, visual communication and management.


Limerick School of Art and Design (TUS)

LIT Clare Street Campus,
Clare Street
Limerick, Ireland
Limerick School of Art & Design, LIT, Limerick, Ireland (established in 1852), is a world-renowned Art and Design School, with excellent facilities and beautiful bright studios located on the Clare St. Campus, Limerick and at the Clonmel TUS Campus, Tipperary.

LSAD (TUS) teaches animation to students enrolled in both their Digital Animation Production and Animation & Motion Design programmes. These programmes offer both contrasting and complimentary approaches to the discipline of animation.


PÔLE IIID – Digital & Creative School

78 Boulevard du Général Leclerc
59100 Roubaix
Founded in June 2003 by Antoine Durieu, PÔLE IIID is an institute of excellence that welcomes more than 250 students each year. PÔLE IIID prepares students to be immediately operational in the creative industry. In 15 years, 585 alumni have found employment opportunities in animation, video game, audiovisual and digital communication companies.


7 rue Armand Moisant
75015 Paris
LISAA School of Animation & Video Games in Paris – L’Institut Supérieur des Arts Appliqués – is a private, higher education institution recognized by the French Ministry of Culture and Communications. Since 2001, LISAA has been training creators in the fields of 2D & 3D animation, video games, and special effects. The school is regularly rated among the Top 10 of France’s animation and video games schools and within the world’s Top 25. All programs are designed to balance a traditional creative approach with the use of digital tools and techniques that apply to each field.


31/33 Rue Châteaubriand
66270 Le Soler
L’Idem is a premier European school that teaches animation techniques in a three-year Cinéma d’Animation 2D-3D program. With two campuses – one in Perpignan, France and the other in Barcelona, Spain – students can study in either country to receive both French and Spanish accreditation. This qualifies graduates to work in both France and Spain.


8 rue de Saintes
16000 Angoulême
Founded in 2007, L’Atelier is a member of RECA, an esteemed network of French animation educational institutions. Its current curriculum includes a three-year program in 2D animation and unique level 2 diploma. Students receive professional-level technical and artistic training across animation, storyboarding, layouts, design and backgrounds, preparing them for careers in France and abroad.


1 Rue de la Charente
16000 Angoulême
Founded in 1999, Ecole des Métiers du Cinema d’Animation is one of France’s reference schools of animation. It’s aim is to prepare students for a successful career in the animation industry with a program that emphasizes perfect master of both digital and traditional animation tools. Through the realization of short films, students are encouraged to express themselves to develop skill, creativity and artistic sensibility.


ECV Bordeaux
59, rue de Tivoli
33000 Bordeaux
Creative Schools & Community – ECV was created in 1984 during a major development for creative professions in France. ECV students in Animation get to learn the fundamentals of animation and of digital creation. The study of illustration, the creation of universes and characters in either two or three dimensions. Training is structured around practical projects allowing the appropriation of knowledge, the concrete acquisition of abilities as well as the development of a particular artistic identity.


95 Rue de La Galera
34090 Montpellier
ArtFX is training creative entrepeneurs of tomorrow. The 2D Animation curriculum is a 3-year program that prepares students for professional careers. Thanks to the combined use of traditional techniques and new technology, students develop artistic and technical skills through hands-on workshops led by internationally recognized experts.

United Kingdom (UK)

London College of Communication

Elephant and Castle
United Kingdom
The London College of Communication experience is all about learning by doing. Our students get their hands dirty and develop their skills through the exploration of heritage and future technologies in our outstanding technical spaces. Through our diverse, world-leading community of teaching, research and partnerships with industry, London College of Communication nurtures and develops the critical, creative and technical excellence needed to discover new possibilities and practices in creative communications.

Arts University Bournemouth (AUB)

Wallisdown, Poole
BH12 5HH
United Kingdom
At the AUB animation course we’ll introduce you to the fundamental skills of drawing and painting, which underpin animation in all forms. Along with training in modern software, you’ll be able to apply your skills to hand-drawn, Stop-Motion, and CGI work. In a production-based studio environment, you’ll work in teams to develop your personal portfolio and produce graduate films.

Visits from industry practitioners and opportunities for studio placements will add to your knowledge and prepare you for a career that could see you work in film, commercials or even video game production. We’ll give you skills to shape the future of the industry. The animation revolution starts here!

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