Tip of the Week - Rigging a Sleeve

Montreal, Canada - June 15, 2012

Toon Boom Tip of the Week In the latest installment of our Tip of the Week series of Animation tutorials our resident expert and Professional Product Manager, Lilly Vogelesang, will walk you through how to animate a sleeve on a piece of clothing.

There are two videos included in this tip.

So get comfortable, watch the videos and learn how to experience a better way to more efficient and satisfying animation, with our Tip of the Week.

Part 1

The 11 minute video builds on the previous two tips of the week which dealt with the use of elbow folds. This week’s video explains the way in which a sleeve can be rigged to move up and down on a character’s arm. You could use this if, for example, you want the character to pull up a sleeve or if you want the sleeve to ride up the arm when the character raises the arm over its head.

Lilly begins by introducing the topic and how it builds on the technique used in the How to make Elbow Folds tutorial; she then discusses the artwork necessary for the sleeve; how to use LineArt and Colour Art sublayers to isolate parts of a drawing. Following this she explains how in Animate Pro or Harmony you can deconstruct the Network View; finallyhow to make use of the Matte Resize module to fix antialiasing ghost lines.

Part 2

The second of these videos is 9 minutes long.

Lilly continues from Part 1 by demonstrating how you can work with coloured lines; this is followed by an explanation of how to make a downward facing sleeve and an upward facing sleeve and the differences between them.

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