Frequently Asked Questions

Harmony Editions

How many Harmony Editions are there?

Which Harmony edition is right for me?

What is the pricing for Harmony?

If I buy one Harmony edition, can I later upgrade to another edition?

Can I move my data From one Harmony edition to a different Harmony edition?

I'm an existing customer and have Harmony Stand Alone. What Harmony edition corresponds to that?

Can I upgrade from Harmony 11? How much is it?

What happened to Harmony Stand Alone? Harmony Network?

What is Harmony Server?

Are the Harmony Trials versions full featured?

Is there a list of current system requirements?


What are the new Support offerings?

I was on Harmony maintenance before you introduced these new Support options. Which level of Support do I have? Which edition of Harmony am I entitled to?

Is there a minimum term for Silver and Gold Support?

Is there a way for me to download previous releases, such as Harmony 11, while on Support?

Is Gold Support available with a Desktop Subscription?

Do you offer Support for previous versions of Harmony?

What hours are the Toon Boom Support phone lines open?

Is multilingual Support available from Toon Boom?

Does my Support plan include help with scripting in Harmony?

Does Toon Boom offer remote desktop assistance?

What is your response time for my support questions?


Does Toon Boom offer training for beginners with no previous Harmony experience?

When we get Harmony training at my facility, how many hours per day does it last?

Does Toon Boom offer training for our in-house trainers?

Is Certification on Harmony tied to a specific release of the software?

What if I fail to pass the Certification exam, can I retake it?

If I opt for online training, what is the minimum period of time?

How much does it cost per hour of custom consulting?

Can I get Toon Boom training in a language other than English?

Other Toon Boom Software

Is Storyboard Pro compatible with Harmony?

Are you encouraging people who are using Animate, Animate Pro and Toon Boom Studio to move to Harmony?

Is the learning I put into Animate, Animate Pro and Toon Boom Studio transferable to Harmony?

Can I get my files from Animate or Animate Pro into Harmony?

Can I export my Toon Boom Studio files into Harmony?

Will Harmony and Storyboard Pro be available to educational institutions and students at a discount?

Will Toon Boom Animation be providing transitional programs for educational uses of Animate, Animate Pro, and Toon Boom Studio for schools relying on these products to teach?

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