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  • Brush Engine
    Brush Engine

    Brushes in Harmony are now better than ever for creative drawing. Draw with your own personal style.

  • Palettes and Painting
    Palettes and Painting

    See how Harmony provides total control over texture and colour on every frame. Colour your world.

  • Animation
    Traditional Paperless Animation

    Harmony is built from the ground up for animation. See why it's the go-to tool for animators working in any style.

  • Deformers

    Deformers are one of the "secret weapons" in Harmony, providing so much animation control it's almost like cheating.

  • 2D/3D Integration
    2D/3D Integration

    2D or 3D - it's all animation. Explore how cameras and 3D objects are combined in a multiplane environment to add depth.

  • OpenFX Support
    OpenFX Support

    Use OpenFX plugins to access an entire world of effects from spiralling warps to realistic lightning with dynamic feedback right inside of Harmony.

  • Light Shading
    Light Shading

    2D doesn't have to mean flat. Light shading lets you tap a new dimension to add more character to your drawings. You gotta see this Harmony-exclusive feature.

  • Built-in Compositing
    Built-in Compositing

    This is where hand-crafted meets automation. A built-in compositor lets you create extreme cut-out rigs and wire up all sorts of wonderfulness.

  • Production Efficiency
    Production Efficiency

    Harmony is packed with real-world, day-in, day-out, gotta get-it-done, go-to tools for animation. Be wicked fast and keep the focus on the art.

  • Particle System
    Particle System

    Create fire and rain. Draw your own fairy dust and make it shoot from a wand. It's serious fun.

  • Export to Game Engine
    Export to Game Engine

    Create 2D animation for your game that is lightweight and compatible with game engines like Unity. Rigged characters rule!

  • Cut-Out Animation
    Cut-Out Animation

    Great tools for animating your puppets. See how Harmony makes quick work of creating and posing characters with an intuitive workflow.

  • Pipeline

    No software should be an island. Learn how Harmony works in concert with other production tools including Storyboard Pro to supercharge your pipeline.

What's New in Harmony 14

You have access to new features as soon as they are released with a Subscription license or a permanent license with Support.

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Harmony 14 is the most reliable, efficient and creative release to date with performance improvements, user-requested enhancements and better 3D integration. With sophisticated drawing, painting and animation tools plus workflow accelerators, Harmony enables artists to create animated stories in any artistic style.

  • Deep Image Compositing

    Deep Image Compositing

    Take quality to a new level when you render 2D with 3D in Harmony. Support for rendered images from Arnold and Renderman that include deep pixel information allow artists to seamlessly composite 2D characters with 3D elements.

  • Animate 3D Model Parts

    Animate 3D
    Model Parts

    Streamline production with new tools to animate your 3D models and their individual parts directly in Harmony - no more back and forth with 3D software. Artists have more creative control when integrating 3D elements with 2D characters in a unified environment.

  • Sync Layer for drawings

    Sync Layer
    for drawings

    Be more efficient when animating your rig with unlimited art layers that are always in sync. Great for advanced rigs and effects creation, Sync Layer is a simple but powerful way for artists to build the look they want in as many layers as they need.

  • Outline Mode

    Outline Mode

    Reveal drawings behind other layers without losing reference to the drawing above. This enhancement provides a better and faster way for artists to work in complex scenes.

  • Pose Copier

    Pose Copier

    Quickly bring character key poses into your scene from a bank of preset poses. With its dynamic interface, the Pose Copier gives you more creative control and helps you be more efficient when animating.

  • Easy Flipping Toolbar

    Easy Flipping Toolbar

    Quickly set timing and number of before/after drawings and flip through animations and develop fluid and interesting movement.

Harmony is Now Available in 3 Editions

Easy upgrades available

Accelerate your art
Flexible user interface
Wacom tablet support
English, Japanese, Spanish, and Chinese User Interface
Sketch, draw and paint
Pencil (central vector) Variable width, textured Variable width, textured
Brush with variable width (contour vector)
Bitmap tools
Text, shapes
Shift & Trace workflow
Light table (shaded reference drawings)
Art layers 1 art layer per drawing 4 art layers per drawing plus unlimited synced layers 4 art layers per drawing plus unlimited synced layers
Colour palette management Simplified
Model view (pick colour from painted model)
Painting Simplified Additional clean up and optimization options. 4 art layers and unlimited synced layers. Additional clean up and optimization options. 4 art layers and unlimited synced layers.
Animate with ease and save time
Timeline Simplified Simplified
Paperless animation workflow Basic
Cut-out animation workflow Basic Basic Sophisticated rigs for state-of-the-art cut-out (Node View)
Onion skinning
Template reuse
Expression columns
Automatic lip-sync
Bones and Game Bones (deformers)
Curve and Envelope deformers
Character rigging Timeline view Timeline view Timeline view and Node view
Inverse kinematics
Symbol (graphic)
Xsheet view
Timing columns (Xsheet)
Create illusions of depth
Multiplane environment 3D rotation of planes
Camera moves 3D rotation of camera
Flexible 2D/3D integration
3D models Displays 3D models (imported by Harmony Premium) Adds ability to import 3D objects, animate sub-nodes and mix them together with 2D elements for a final rendering.
3D rendering Basic quality High quality using Maya as well as deep image compositing with support for rendered images from Arnold and RenderMan
Enhance the look
Effects (image processing) 7 12 45 (plus OpenFX)
Node view (node-based compositing)
Light shading
OpenFX support
Particle system
Deep Image Compositing with Arnold and RenderMan
Render and export
Render (maximum resolution) 2K 4K 8K
Render preview (rendered effects in OpenGL)
Multiple outputs (in one pass)
Export formats
Video file format: .mov
Audio file format: .wav
Image file format: .bmp, .png, .tga, .tiff, .sgi, .dpx, .psd
Game file format: .xml, .json + (.png sprite sheet)
Legacy file format: .yuv, .pal, .opt, .var
Interchange file format: .iff
Vector File Format: .swf, .pdf
Toon Boom Vector Graphic: .tvg
Deep Image Compositing: .exr and .dtex
Game export
Game bones (deformers)
Export to Unity game engine
Create multi-resolution sprite sheets
Harmony Previewer (see animations in Unity game engine)
Props and Animation Cycles
Pipeline integration
Storyboard Pro animatic import and drawing transfer
Import multilayer PSD (plus PSD 16-bit and PSB), Illustrator, PDF, bitmap and audio
Vectorization Basic
API (plugin development)
Share files from central server
Harmony Server (optional add-on for teams/studios) Available Available
Windows and Mac support
Linux support

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