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Harmony 14 is the most reliable, efficient and creative release to date with performance improvements, user-requested enhancements and better 3D integration. With sophisticated drawing, painting and animation tools plus workflow accelerators, Harmony enables artists to create animated stories in any artistic style.

  • Deep Image Compositing

    Deep Image Compositing

    Take quality to a new level when you render 2D with 3D in Harmony. Support for rendered images from Arnold and Renderman that include deep pixel information allow artists to seamlessly composite 2D characters with 3D elements.

  • Animate 3D Model Parts

    Animate 3D
    Model Parts

    Streamline production with new tools to animate your 3D models and their individual parts directly in Harmony - no more back and forth with 3D software. Artists have more creative control when integrating 3D elements with 2D characters in a unified environment.

  • Sync Layer for drawings

    Sync Layer
    for drawings

    Be more efficient when animating your rig with unlimited art layers that are always in sync. Great for advanced rigs and effects creation, Sync Layer is a simple but powerful way for artists to build the look they want in as many layers as they need.

  • Outline Mode

    Outline Mode

    Reveal drawings behind other layers without losing reference to the drawing above. This enhancement provides a better and faster way for artists to work in complex scenes.

  • Pose Copier

    Pose Copier

    Quickly bring character key poses into your scene from a bank of preset poses. With its dynamic interface, the Pose Copier gives you more creative control and helps you be more efficient when animating.

  • Easy Flipping Toolbar

    Easy Flipping Toolbar

    Quickly set timing and number of before/after drawings and flip through animations and develop fluid and interesting movement.

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