by Adam Phillips

Professional Animation Software

The animation software used
by major studios and by professionals.

Enabling Artistry

Harmony’s lush feature set gives animators freedom to create the best animations in the industry

  • Bitmap

    Bitmap and Vector tools

    Draw entirely in bitmap, entirely in vector,
    or mix them up. Draw lines in vector and fill
    the shading in bitmap. Draw lines in bitmap
    and do the fill in vector for colour palette
    flexibility. Your art. Your choice.

  • 2D-3D Integration

    2D-3D Integration

    Make the most of 2D and 3D elements
    by mixing them together in Harmony.
    Import 3D models, reposition them
    in your scene, and fly the camera through
    the scene. Render everything
    in Harmony through Maya.

  • Deform


    Bend and reshape drawings using
    the powerful Deform tools. Use Curve
    deform to twist drawings based on curves,
    Bone deform to bend rigid bones,
    and the brand new Mesh Warp to animate
    a drawing based on a grid.

  • Character Rigging

    Advanced Character

    Animate the way you like, using a real
    hierarchy directly on the main Timeline.
    Create advanced rigs with the Network,
    using Deform to push the quality to the
    next level while animating even faster
    than before.

  • Special Effects

    Special Effects

    Create stunning special effects directly
    in your animation software. No need to render
    out various layers to composite outside. You'll
    love its striking, amazingly useful special effects
    including Turbulence, Highlights and Shadows…
    and a full Particle system.

  • Paperless Drawing

    Paperless drawing

    With the paperless workflow, work in both
    bitmap AND vector with a simplified
    user-interface designed for the steps you use
    when you work tradigitally. Create rough
    drawings in Sketch; ink and paint in Draw,
    and move to Stage for effects.

  • Control Center Network

    Control Centre

    If you're a studio or production manager,
    animation director of technical director, you'll particularly
    love Harmony Network’s outreach and integration:
    a single server hosts all your assets, storing your library
    for everyone to share – client machines simply
    pull data from the server.
    It's the efficient workflow you always craved!

  • Cloud Computing Network

    Access Via the Cloud

    Harmony Network’s Control Centre
    (from which you can manage your production
    database and users, visualise your rendering queue
    and more), is now available in a cloud-based format,
    so freelancers and staff can download scene files,
    work on them, and upload them back again
    without on-site assistance.

Explore The Possibilities

The top animation studios in the world are using Harmony to create the productions they’ve envisioned in the style they’ve chosen.

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Work Together With Harmony

Optimize Workflow. Integrate with third-party software. Save time.

  • Storyboarding

    Create storyboards and animatics in Storyboard Pro and open them directly in Harmony, creating scene files with all the reference artwork in one click.

  • Compositing

    Do your special effects via Harmony's node-based compositing system, instead of wasting your time rendering out layers and compositing outside.

  • Hierarchy

    Animate using a real hierarchy, while keeping the animation in the main timeline for fast, efficient results.

  • Deform

    Benefit from advanced animation tools like Deform to work at a higher quality, yet at a faster pace!

  • Drawing

    Draw paperlessly in Harmony, using colour palettes for quick changes.

  • Camera

    Animate the camera directly in the same software you use to do animation and special effects.

Real-Time Production Tracking

Get the Big Picture - Toon Boom Manager is the perfect production tracking system for the entertainment industry. It combines everything required for monitoring daily activities, production pace and the state of asset completion.

The Industry’s Best Love Harmony

We are fortunate to have been able to put together a wide range of success stories with animators who use Harmony as their go-to creative tool. See for yourself how they’re getting the best out of their stories with Toon Boom’s Emmy award-winning software.

Quotes When you have limited budgets and
tight schedules, combining cut-out with
traditional animation in Harmony proved
to be very efficient and enabled me
make the best of both techniques. Quotes
Read the story

Pat Bradley
Pat Bradley

Freelance Professional Animator
and Illustrator

Quotes The colouring system is amazing
and truly speeds up the process.
You can export colour palettes to share
with other animators and apply colour
in all drawings in one click. Quotes
Read the story

Bryce Hallett
Bryce Hallett

Creative Business Owner
Frog Feet Productions

Quotes I use the curve deformers religiously.
We're able to use our monsters over and
over again easily by creating templates
in the library—rig once and have
them available whenever. Quotes
Read the story

Justin Boh
Justin Boh

Professional Animator

Real People. Real Reviews.

Cinema without Borders

Quotes I am anxiously awaiting the next
Toon Boom release as with each new
version they bring about wonderfully
innovative tools that are making
a traditionally tedious field accessible
to a much wider array of artists
than ever before.
By Peter Gend Quotes

Creative Bloq

Quotes Overall, though, Harmony is quite
possibly the coolest animation software
on the market today. Coming from a
Flash background, I can honestly say
the transition to Toon Boom software
wasn't too difficult.
By Tammy Coron Quotes

Digital Media World

Quotes Toon Boom Harmony
allows 2D and 3D integration.
Users can import and use 3D assets within
Harmony, and transform objects on all
three axes. The same Pencil tool is
included, and a Deform tool for images
and drawings animated over time using
advanced bone and curve deformers. Quotes

The Power of Flexibility

The flexibility of Harmony allows professionals to bring their ideas to life, no matter what vertical they’re working in.

  • Films

    To make the most
    of your time, pre-visualise
    your production before
    you go on set.

  • TV series
    TV series

    Develop the story
    and pacing, then see
    what your shots will
    look like.

  • Advertisements

    Animate your ad,
    or storyboard it to
    eliminate surprises.

  • Games

    Create 2-D animation
    and game assets efficiently,
    then export to your game

  • Webisodes

    Create animated
    webisodes or break
    your script down into
    a series of shots
    in the pipeline.

  • Web Banners
    Web Banners

    Animate Your Banners
    – with 3-D effects
    if you like!

  • Explainer Videos
    Explainer Videos

    Create animation
    as a communications tool.
    Break it down
    step-by-step, visually.

  • Medical and Legal Animation
    Medical and Legal

    Use animation as a tool
    to explain how something
    works or how it happened.

Underpinning the Industry

Winner of both the Primetime Emmy Engineering and Ub Iwerks awards

You probably already know that Toon Boom Harmony is the most powerful, efficient and versatile software created specifically for animation. But did you know that it's also the industry standard? Because they need the best tools, major studios all over the world use it.

For instance, The Simpsons, Family Guy, American Dad!, Phineas and Ferb and The Cleveland Show all use Harmony. The Princess and the Frog, The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie, and both Curious George movies as well. Plus Wild Kratts, The Simpsons Movie, and Geronimo Stilton. Disney uses it. 20th Century Fox Animation uses it. And Universal.

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