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Toon Boom Consulting Services

Toon Boom prides itself on always being ahead of the curve when it comes to modern animation workflows, best practices, pipeline design and infrastructure analysis customized for both studios and educational institutions.

Our expert team and vast network of consultants, from around the globe, ensure that we always provide the best, most accurate advice that helps solve unique challenges.

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  • Studios

    What We Offer Studios

    Today's animation industry runs at a faster pace than ever before. More content, shorter deadlines, and higher quality...That can amount to stress in delivering the best. Toon Boom offers specialized rigging and consulting services custom-tailored for your production in order to help your team deliver every project on time and with the best quality.

  • Education

    What We Offer Education

    Toon Boom and our expansive network of pedagogical experts provide support to governments, school boards, and schools looking to ensure that their teaching staff receive everything needed to teach Toon Boom software efficiently and effectively. Using our curriculum services, Toon Boom will help you develop the future of animation.


Our Services

  • Rigging Services

    Rigging Services

    Does your studio lack the resources needed to create production rigs? Want a custom rig built by a Toon Boom expert to save time and avoid the headaches? We can do that!

    Toon Boom offers specialized rigging services where our experts will create production-ready assets that animation teams can directly use to make the scenes they need. Using our up-to-date rigging methodology, Toon Boom Solution Specialists, Software Instructors and Consultants are trained to deliver high-quality rigs specially created for your unique production style.

  • Consulting Services

    Consulting Services

    Toon Boom offers a wide range of consulting services for our clients, custom-tailored to your unique needs and project demands. Gain direct access to Toon Boom trained Professional Services Professionals or Research & Development team, depending on your project requirements.

    Our services include:

    • Pipeline Optimization (Design, Analysis, Workflow)

    • Team Skills Analysis

    • Production Assistance

    • Asset Analysis

    • IT Infrastructure Analysis

    • IP Development Consulting

  • Curriculum Development

    Curriculum Development

    Are you a school board looking to create or update your animation program?

    Using our vast network of pedagogical experts, the Toon Boom team will provide personalized consulting services to provide recommendations and curriculum guidance for schools (High schools & Higher Ed) helping to differentiate their unique programs.


Our Process

Our goal is to provide services that make completing your projects simple and quickwhile maintaining high quality
standards. Here are the steps we work our clients through for the delivery of customised services.

Our Process

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