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Sketching and Drawing

  • Guides and Vanishing Points

    Guides and Vanishing Points

    In Storyboard Pro 5.5, drawing tools can snap to new Guides and Vanishing Points, enabling backgrounds and props to be drawn in perspective faster. Workflow is improved since you can draw in the proper perspective with minimum effort all inside Storyboard Pro.

  • Radial and Directional Blurs

    Blurs are an effective and simple way to convey action and movement. In Storyboard Pro 5.5 Radial Zoom and Directional blurs can be easily added to your artwork to emphasize activity and increase visual interest.

  • Generate Auto-Matte

    It is now easier to fill (shade) characters to differentiate them from the background. The new Generate Auto-Matte tool speeds up manual approaches by generating a matte for multiple drawings with one click.

  • Retina Display Support

    Retina Display Support

    With support of Retina and other high resolution displays, the Storyboard Pro interface looks sharper and cleaner, making it easier to use.

Story Development

  • Timeline Markers

    Storyboard Pro 5.5 includes handy new Timeline Markers that can be placed on the timeline to set the story pace and time actions. Markers won't move when you reorder panels, providing a reliable visual reference for key milestones in your storyboards.

  • Flip Selected Scenes

    Storyboard revisions are easier than ever with the new Flip Selected Scenes command that lets you automatically mirror scene artwork and cameras without leaving Storyboard Pro. You can set a hotkey for Flip Selected Scenes to speed up the process even more.

Editing and Pipeline Integration

  • Round Trip Via AAF

    Round trip data exchange between Storyboard Pro and Avid Media Composer makes your production pipeline more flexible than ever. With the enhanced support for the AAF Interchange Format, you can export Storyboard Pro projects into your Avid editing suite to lay out panels and sounds with the correct timing. You can then conform back the changes you made in the editing suite to Storyboard Pro thereby keeping the storyboard in synch with the new timing.

  • Improved Sound Editing

    Storyboard Pro 5.5 includes several audio editing improvements that simplify animatic production. You can now play sound past the last panel, copy and paste audio clips to multiple tracks, use Solo Mode to isolate tracks and preserve volume keyframes when splitting sounds. Logarithmic waveforms are displayed to show low volume sounds and sound names now remain visible when you select a clip.

Agnostic Audio Requirements for Windows OS

  • Previously, for Windows® OS, Storyboard Pro was dependent on Apple® QuickTime® to import and play audio. Last year, Apple announced they would no longer update QuickTime on Windows, which meant a Windows system with Apple QuickTime would become vulnerable to malware attacks and other security risks. Storyboard Pro would not be complete without sound import and playback functionalities, and with Storyboard Pro 5.5, you can now import and play sound on Windows systems without Apple® QuickTime.

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