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Harmony 11 Quick Start Videos

This 13-part tutorial series was designed to give you a general overview of how to animate in Harmony from start to finish. For more detailed information on how to use Harmony, refer to the online...

Adam Phillips Harmony Effects

Harmony comes fully equipped with compositing tools and a wide array of effects. You can customize the effects to create some amazing results. In this video package, Adam Phillips shows how to use...

Harmony 10 - Deformation

Cut-out puppets can look rigid and stiff. However traditional, hand-drawn characters can be time-consuming to animate. Get the best of both worlds by discovering Harmony's new Deformation Effect;...

Harmony 10 - Pencil Lines

Deciding between using Pencil lines or Brush strokes for your animation has always been a challenge. Now you can get both the flexibility of a central vector line, with the stylistic look of tapered...

Harmony 10 - Particle Effects

Animating a random mass of drawings in a natural way has always been a time-consuming challenge for animators. Rain, snow, grass, swarms of insects and even non-atmospheric particle effects, such as...

Harmony 10 - 2D-3D Integration

Import 3D models into your animation using the new Maya-to-osb plug-in. Create stunning 3D models with the full power of Autodesk Maya and then learn how to install the Maya plug-in in order to...