Cartoons On The Bay

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April 10 to 12, 2014 in Venezia, Italy

The Toon Boom Animation team will be at the 2014 Cartoons On The Bay. We will be holding a special Conference On Gaming; "Broadcast to Gaming Toon Boom Harmony the 360° Solution for Animation". We are delighted to announce that Omar Ferreri (Co-Founder, Clarity International and Founder of Cappuccino Apps) will be with us at the gaming seminar. - see Sessions for details.  Toon Boom will also be sponsoring the prizes for the winners of the RAI Festival PITCH ME! competition. 


The team are: Desideria Mastriaco (Marketing Coordinator, Toon Boom); Federico Vallarino (Sales Representative, Toon Boom)

Contact the team by email at

Toon Boom has a range of professional digital animation and content creation software including Harmony and Storyboard Pro boarding software.

Conference on Gaming

The conference "From Broadcast to Gaming - Toon Boom Harmony the 360° Solution for Animation" will take place in the Salone del Tiepolo - see Sessions for details.

WATCH THIS VIDEO : Game Animation with Toon Boom Harmony Gaming Pipeline video

Toon Boom sponsors PITCH ME! Award Prizes 

Toon Boom will also announce the winner of the PITCH ME! award the RAI festival award for new talent. The announcement will take place following the Toon Boom Gaming seminar. The award will be chosen by jury, headed by Guillermo Mordillo world-reknowned cartoonist and recipient of the Cartoon On The Bay's 2014 Lifetime Acheivement Award.

The lucky winners of the PITCH ME! awards will receive one-year license for Storyboard Pro; Toon Boom Harmony.

Campo San Geremia, Venezia, Italy
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