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2D Animation

Benefit from using the most advanced
2D animation software

No matter the style of animation, Toon Boom can support it. Start in pre-production with Storyboard Pro and plan your production. Then, seamlessly export your files to Harmony for animation in any style. Choose how you want to animate: 2d traditional animation on paper, paperless (digitally) frame-by-frame, or cut-out puppet animation. Throughout the process, track the status of the project and individual scenes using Toon Boom Producer.

Toon Boom works closely with studios worldwide to enable them to produce the content the way they want, how they want it to look, on time and on budget. We can help achieve the style you want, whether you're drawing frame-by-frame or creating cut-out characters. You can also benefit from our expertise to surpass what you thought could be done with animation. Increase the quality of your work, while decreasing production costs.

2D Animation Production Pipeline

2D Animation Production Pipeline

A uniform, complete and efficient production pipeline

Created specifically for animation, the customisable Toon Boom Pipeline comprises Emmy winners Toon Boom Storyboard Pro and Toon Boom Harmony. Together, they cover the entire production workflow from storyboarding to final compositing, and deliver the highest throughput within the process.


Animation Software


The Animation Software for Every Style

With Harmony, you can animate in any style they choose—from traditional animation to paperless and cut-out. Schools use Harmony to teach animation courses with the confidence that their students are using the same tools as the world's leading animation studios.


Storyboard Pro

Storyboarding Software

Storyboard Pro

The All-in-One Storyboarding Software

It's everything you need to storyboard your episodic, advertising, film, or other creative projects.

Featured Success Stories

Check out some examples of exciting productions done using Toon Boom Harmony

  • The discovery of Harmony as
    a powerful software was one
    of the reasons we decided to
    drop the cut-out technique

    Read the story
    Yoni Goodman
    Yoni Goodman Animation Director
    Bridgit Folman Film Gang
  • Harmony has brought all of
    our top management team
    closer to the production,
    which everyone appreciates.
    That is a priceless advantage.

    Read the story
    Shabnam Rezaei
    Shabnam Rezaei Co-founder
    Big Bad Boo Studios
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2D Animation Resources


Advanced Animation Techniques in Harmony

Hosted by Toon Boom CTO Francisco Del Cueto, this webinar will show you advanced tools and special effects capabilities in Harmony.

White Paper

Cut-out Animation Workflow

Benefits of setting the correct workflow and demonstration of different ways to integrate the Harmony Solution to a Cut-out animation workflow.

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