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Toon Boom enables you to create interactive
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What's in Your Game?

Game Assets

Make 2D game assets that are light and interactive. Harmony offers the animation tools, flexibility and performance you need to meet your game development needs. Draw artwork, rig and animate cut-out characters, and easily export assets in a format that works for your game engine.

  • Create Games Animation


    Use Harmony's powerful combination of vector and bitmap tools to sketch, draw and paint your game art.

  • Animate your Game


    Simple-to-use bone rigs let you quickly create game animation cycles for your characters like jump, run or crouch.

  • Export to Game Engine


    Bring interactive 2D game assets into your game engine that look good. Harmony has the tools and workflow needed to export assets optimized for any game engine.

Export to Any Game Engine
  • Open Format

    Open Format

    Export rig and game animation data in readable XML files, making it easier to integrate game assets into your game engine.

  • One Rig, Unlimited Animation

    One Rig, Unlimited Animation

    Instead of using multiple representations of a character to convey animation data, Harmony uses individual pieces of a cut-out character in the sprite sheet. 2D animation and rigging data is stored in a separate, very light, XML file.

  • Flexibility


    Export settings give you control over sprite sheet settings so you can make your characters interactive and more easily integrate them into any game engine. Free middleware for Unity lets you plug-and-play game assets into the Unity game engine.


Cutscenes is where narrative and action meet and players experience story on another level. Storyboard Pro and Harmony streamline the process of creating cutscenes with a workflow that accelerates artistic development: Storyboard Pro to plan cutscenes and Harmony to evolve the visual story to completion.

Reuse Game Art
  • Plan


    Plan your scene and get the timing right early on. Storyboard Pro lets you make storyboards, block out camera shots, add motion, integrate scripts and create animatics to develop the visual story.

  • Create


    Bring your cutscenes to life. Accelerate your workflow by reusing game assets like game characters. Animate with camera moves, add effects and composite with backgrounds to enhance their look for a more beautiful result that really makes the story come together.

  • Deliver


    Export movies for editing and bring final content into your game. Harmony easily integrates into your normal cinematic production pipeline so you can reuse cutscenes, characters and other game assets in your game trailers, marketing imagery, and branding.

Middleware for Unity

Import game animation and assets into Unity with Toon Boom's free plug-and-play middleware. Use our SDK plugin to export the Harmony sprite sheet along with rig and 2D game animation data in an easy-to-read XML file. Your assets are automatically converted, ready to be put together with your environments, so you can build a great game.

Middleware for Unity

Integrate and Play

  • Import your artwork, game animation and rigs
  • Change sprite sheet resolution to match game platform requirements
  • Automatically generate colliders
  • Modify shaders included in the SDK so light changes in the game affect the look of the character
  • Use prebuilt animation scripts for running, crouching, and jumping

How Our Customers Use Toon Boom Software

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Beast's Fury by Ben Halstead   
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Battleborn by Michel Gagné   
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Jotun by Thunder Lotus Games   
Jotun Game

Make a Game in Unity


*If you plan to use OpenGL, download Unity 5.1.4 for best results with our middleware.


Find out how to take game animation and assets from Harmony to Unity.

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