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2 years ago on 26/01/2015


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Fry and I is a short animated piece I have created for a recent global project YourFry in which creatives had to interpret a part of Stephen Fry's life. Voiceover and some images supplied by PenguinHouse.

My short animation is about Stephen Fry's experience with hypo-mania and my own experience with depression allowing us the viewer to see how both are different but emotionally intensifying.

To visually create this subject, I chose to use surreal collage images (inspired by the great Terry Gilliam). to represent the harshness and viciousness of the illnesses.

Thanks very much and enjoy my quirky animation.

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2 years ago on 08/02/2015

Thank you for your lovely comment, yes it is a subject that needs to be made more aware of and I will be producing more short animations about the subject :-)



2 years ago on 01/02/2015

This is wonderful! What a creative way to bring up a topic that really does deserve to be visited and understood by society. Thank you!

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