Consulting Services

Let our experts help you get the most out of your Toon Boom software.

  • On-site Training
    On-site Training

    Our team of trained consultants will conduct on-site training to bring your staff up to speed with the latest version of your Toon Boom product. Nothing beats having an expert there to lend a helping hand.

  • Remote Training
    Remote Training

    We have a team of trained consultants ready to connect to you via the web to teach and answer questions—all on your schedule. Record the sessions so you can look at them again later!

  • Transition Assistance
    Transition Assistance

    Benefit from our wealth of experience helping studios with their software transition. We’ll help set up your studio, set a timeline, create an efficient pipeline, and manage your workflow.

  • Transferring assets
    Transferring Assets

    Engage the Toon Boom team for converting existing assets and transferring them into your Toon Boom application. We can build character rigs for you, so you’re up and running faster. You can use the resulting rigs as examples when building your own.

  • Certification
    Toon Boom Certification

    Enroll in the Toon Boom Certification program to train one or more staff members to become your resident studio experts. They can quickly bring everyone else up to speed while at work.

  • Production Assistance
    Production Assistance

    Our team can help you establish the right nomenclature, write scripts for repetitive tasks, define proper asset locations, analyse pipeline efficiency and production tracking methods.

  • Placement consultancy
    Placement Consultation

    Your project has the green light? Toon Boom can help you find animators, storyboard artists, production managers or art directors. This ensures a pool of qualified candidates and a solid production team.

  • Custom Development
    Custom Development

    We can develop custom scripts or software for your specific needs. Let us develop for specific file formats, optimize complex workflows or integrate with your in-house asset management system or database.

  • Production budgeting
    Production Budgeting

    We can assist you with production budgeting, taking into account the project type, animation style and time frame. Haven't decided between paperless and cut-out style animation? We’ll compare and forecast the resulting impacts on your budget.

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